Your Treatment Plan

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(1) Contact Us

us via email: [email protected] If you do not have any previously taken Panoramic X-RAY’s, treatment plans or diagnosis from your dentist then you can reach us via phone, Whatsapp, email [email protected], or the contact form on this website.

(2) Appointment Planning

Your appointment and treatment plan will be sent to you as soon as your application has been carefully studied and a treatment plan developed which will also include approximate costs.

(3) Transportation and Accommodation

After your approval of the approximate budget, the treatment and the appointment plan and the most appropriate reservations for your transportation and stay will be made for you.

(4) Welcome To Istanbul-Maltepe!

After your arrival, you will be welcomed at the airport, taken to the hotel and checked in to the hotel.

(5) Picking up from hotel

In the morning of the first treatment day, you will be picked up from the hotel to show you the way to the clinic. You can also call a taxi at the hotel reception.

(6) Diagnosis and Treatment

After examination and diagnosis by one of our experienced dentist, the payment is processed. Together with you, the dentist will go again through the whole plan before beginning your treatment.

(7) Smile

Now that your treatment is completed you can greet the world with your new smile and healthy teeth.

(8) Test your new teeth

After the treatment is complete, we invite you to have a delicious typical Turkish home-made meal from our own cook in our kitchen.

Do you have questions? Let us call you and answer them!

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