7 Night Life Alternatives in Istanbul (To Test Your Brand New Smile)

Last updated on January 17th, 2022

Istanbul is often called the never-sleeping city. One can enjoy the day and night with tons of activities. If you are into the nightlife when you go to a new place, you might be wondering about the best nightclubs in Istanbul. Night life in Istanbul offers you a variety of alternatives ranging from exotic belly dancers to smoky parties. If you feel like relaxing after a long tiring day, you can have fine dining and sip your drink by looking at the awesome view of the Bosphorus with a chill tune in the background. They are all possible in this fantastic city.

Night Life in İstanbul

Istanbul provides you with a diverse cultural experience and amazing entertainment. The city has the most convenient airports (the Istanbul Airport and Sabiha Gokcen Airport) to fly into Turkey. Direct flights to Istanbul are available from practically anywhere in the world at any time of year.

Sortie Restaurant

In recent years, nightlife in Istanbul has gained popularity due to the increasing numbers of traditional and modern venues scattered in popular touristic corners of the city particularly. There are tourist attractions in all directions throughout the city, so are the best nightclubs in Istanbul. There are many cafes, bars, pubs, restaurants, and nightclubs in the city, and shuttling between them is quite easy. You can start the day at a café and hop to a bar near around. Then you can have a nice dinner at a classy restaurant. Finally, you can let yourself loose at one of the best nightclubs in Istanbul.

Istanbul’s nightlife has truly come alive recently. In all directions throughout the city, you can find diverse kinds of nightlife waiting for you. You may easily enjoy your night out, hopping from one place to the next in Istanbul. You can start the night at a nice restaurant and then walk to the bars or cafes around and then dance the night away at a smoky nightclub. There are numerous small bars, pubs, and nightclubs. You might like mingling with the crowd and many other tourists in some clubs, or you can enjoy the cozy atmosphere in some others. There is one for you!

The best nightclubs in Istanbul are located on both the European and Asian sides of the city. So, you don’t have to cross the bridges to reach in search of good vibes. You can find classy nightclubs in Taksim, Istiklal Street, and other neighborhoods around the Beyoglu district on the European side. Some other nightclubs in Istanbul are also located in Ortakoy, Nisantası, Etiler, and other neighborhoods around the Besiktas district. However, if you want to spend your night out on the Anatolian (Asian) side, there are still some nightclubs. Kadıkoy, Caddebostan, and Kadife Street will be your potential partying destinations. Also, on both sides of the city, you can find traditional taverns (meyhane) where you can feel more Turkish.

7 Best Night Clubs in Istanbul

Istanbul is home to numerous nightlife entertainment ranging from bars to wine houses, from nightclubs to taverns. In this article, we have listed the 7 best nightclubs in Istanbul. Although most of them are around Ortakoy district, you will still find good alternatives on the list.

1. Sortie

If you want to enjoy the night out at a complex built exclusively for a night out amusement, Sortie is a good choice for you. It is one of the best nightclubs in Istanbul, with 3 bars and several restaurants serving various foods. It is located by the Bosphorus so you can enjoy that picturesque view as you sing, drink and dance. It opens in the early evening, and there is always something good to do there until the early morning. You can eat, drink, listen to live singers or DJ performances, dance, and mingle with the crowd there. Some Turkish celebrities also love this nightclub very much, and you can see paparazzi around on busy days.

2. Ulus 29

The breathtaking view of the Bosphorus and the Anatolian side of Istanbul is blended with elegance in this place. Located at Ulus hill, the club is also famous for its restaurant. Many locals and tourists prefer Ulus 29 for important lunch and dinner gatherings. In their restaurant, they offer dishes from various world cuisines and Turkish cuisine at the same time. When you are done with dinner, you can spend the night in this trendy nightclub. The drinks at the bar staff and the music will make you truly feel you are in the best nightclub in Istanbul.

Ruby Night Club

3. Ruby

Seaside nightclubs are highly popular in Istanbul, as in many other places. Ruby is one of the best nightclubs in Istanbul in this regard. It is located by the Bosphorus shore in Ortakoy. In this excellent location, you can enjoy your time in one of three stories. They offer DJ music and the best Turkish songs with live performances. Just by climbing up and down among the stories, you can change your mood and view. They also host great exclusive events, parties, and live performances occasionally. Some Turkish singers, actors, or models visit this venue. You can even meet some Turkish celebrities if it is your lucky day.

4. Klein

Klein is another nightclub on the list. The place is famous for DJ performances and dance shows. The decor is also a unique one. If you end your day around Taksim square, you can easily walk to Harbiye and get into this fantastic club. Techno music conducted by local or international DJs gives good vibes to many tourists and local people here. Most of the people going to this venue appreciate the powerful music. Additionally, they really have an amazing dancing experience. You can dance for hours and enjoy the drinks at affordable prices in this lively nightclub.

5. Cahide Muzikhol

Cahide Muzikhol is a good representative of cabaret culture with modern understanding. It is accepted as one of the best nightclubs in Istanbul due to its music hall concept and some other unique features. Cahide uses exaggerated decoration, and you can see drag queens in the place. In addition, they have their special shows and ambiance. The dinner and cocktails with fantastic names will give you a memorable night. Many people visiting the place for the first time never forget their experience in this club.

6. 360 Istanbul

The place is located in an apartment building on Istiklal Street. If you are into penthouse-style nightclubs, you will definitely love this place. It is one of the best nightclubs in Istanbul due to its delicious dishes, artistic design, and fascinating view. You can see Bosphorus and Golden Horn while enjoying your drink, music, and dance. On weekdays, the club is relatively calmer but still promising entertainment and relaxation. 
It offers exclusive DJ and live singer performances at the weekends featuring dancers. You can start your night out with a nice dinner and keep partying till the early morning.

360 Istanbul

7. Monks

This is the only actual club in downtown Kadıkoy where you can dance and free yourself with the rhythm. Monks, one of the best nightclubs in Istanbul, is a lounge bar by day like many other Kadıkoy venues, but it turns into a nightclub by night. Normally the club is more popular among local youngsters, but it is gaining remarkable popularity among tourists. If you are on the Asian side of Istanbul and you don’t want to cross the other side after a long day’s touristic activities, you can eat, drink and dance with awesome DJ music here. If you’re feeling more daring, proceed to the back area, where you can rip shots and dance until the end of the night.

To Conclude…

As you see, Istanbul offers you plenty of options for various senses of leisure when it comes to nightlife. As a large metropolis with numerous city centers, Istanbul offers a variety of entertainment options on different destinations. If you think that there are many nightclubs to discover and don’t have enough time to taste all of them, you can also join a club crawl. They typically get together at a certain spot in the city and visit each club on their way, drink a little at one place, and they move to the next one till the end of the night.

This is just a shortlist of the seven best nightclubs in Istanbul. You can have your veneers or zirconium crowns in Maltepe Dental Clinic, and once they are cemented, you can go out for dinner and a night out. In addition, your new smile will make you feel much more confident than ever. Also, having your dental treatment in Istanbul will save you a significant amount of money and time compared to the other options. Consequently, you will find enough time and money to enjoy the city.

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