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Our Cosmetic Dentists Break Down the Dental Treatment Needs of Famous Halloween Characters.

Halloween and Cosmetic  Dentistry, What do They Have in Common?

It is Halloween time, and one of the “must-haves” of Halloween is horror movies and Halloween characters. We chose to take this scary topic for this Halloween and try to make it less horrific than it sounds.

We all know that dentists are not the favorite characters of people. In an industry with one horror movie for every 100 professions, dentistry might take the lead with its sequel dentist films. And we’re not even taking the horror scenes about dentistry into consideration.


Dental Phobia, Scariest Nightmare for Many People

We will dive deep into this fear and try to reveal a big secret of the scariest movie characters of all time this Halloween. You are scared of them, but do you know who they’re afraid of? What is the worst nightmare of these 13 characters? Based on our experiences, we believe that the possible common fear they all have is the dental phobia. When we have examined their teeth’ condition, it is not hard to conclude that they are all dental phobic characters. So they all are afraid of the dentist’s chair.

At Maltepe Dental Clinic, we have had so many dental phobic patients. Dental phobia is such a scary thing that might last not only for a single day or a year but also for a patient’s whole life. Due to dental anxiety and phobia, people avoid and delay their dental treatments. This delay causes their dental problems to worsen, and they start hiding their smiles because of the unpleasant look.


We at Maltepe Dental Clinic believe that dental phobia is curable. We are confident about our procedures to overcome dental phobia because we have treated so many people with dental anxiety and phobia. And now, since we have successfully managed to beat this phobia at our clinic for years, we wanted to take the bar a bit higher and solve the problem of someone special: The scariest horror movie characters of all time.

During our analysis, we realized that these horror movie characters also have a fear that no one has discovered yet. They have dental phobia. After seeing their photos from our perspective, it’ll become evident that they all suffer from a kind of dental problem. And for the courtesy of this Halloween, we will not only diagnose their dental problems; we will also make it a little fun and prepare a treatment plan for them as well. Let’s start and reveal one of the biggest unsolved mystery of horror movies.


Gum Disease and Over-shaved Teeth of Valak The Nun

Our first horror movie character is Valak the Nun. As we examine Valak’s teeth, we immediately recognize that she has severe gum bleeding. Ideally, gums should look pink, but Valak’s gums are bleeding very badly. This is a sign of either avoidance of dental care (not brushing the teeth even once a year, and of course, not flossing them at all) or she just had dinner :) We hope it is the former because at least it has a cure.

As we have closely examined her smile, we’ve realized another issue, which could be the reason why she’s so scared of the dentist. She apparently had a bad dental experience before. Her teeth are badly filed down. This reveals that she had a moment when she decided to have a beautiful smile. So she wanted to have dental veneers or crowns but somehow ended up with these sharp teeth.


It seems that her dentist shaved her teeth way more than needed. Luckily, it’s not the end of the world. She can still have a beautiful smile. First, we recommend Valak an excellent and detailed mouth cleaning. Then we can restore her teeth with custom-designed Emax crowns. When designed by skilled hands, this procedure will give her the smile of queens and solve many of her hate problems.


The Unnatural Looking Veneers and Narrow Smile of Jack (From Shining)

Jack is definitely one of the scariest characters of all time because he’s probably the most real one. He was a good father and a writer before he became a nightmare for his family. Thanks to his excellent career, his dental problems are minor compared to other characters. Yet, his smile can be improved. He seems to have a narrow buccal corridor, which makes his smile a bit less attractive, which is good for the movie but is not preferred in real life. His smile can be widened with non-prep and minimal prep veneer combination. With these procedures, even though our touches will be minimally invasive, the improvement will be significant. His new smile will be wider and more attractive and make him look younger.

Gappy Smile and Yellow Teeth of Freddy Krueger (From Elm Street)

Freddy Krueger from Elm Street also seems to be a dental phobic patient. Freddy has significant gaps between his teeth. This shows either a missed opportunity of orthodontic treatment from childhood or missing implant treatment after extracting some of his teeth. Due to his ignorance, he obviously has severe dental issues. Luckily, we have many restorative and cosmetic procedures to help him get his smile back. 

First of all, his crooked teeth would be aligned and straightened with orthodontic treatment. A successful orthodontic procedure will solve a significant part of the problem.

However, he also seems to have bruxism. He heavily grinds his teeth, showing his high stress level. Today or tomorrow, he’s going to need some crowns to stop the wearing of the teeth. And he needs to use a night guard to protect his teeth every night. Otherwise, he could break his crowns and keep harming his teeth. We also recommend him to reduce the stress level in his life.

Missing Teeth and Bone Loss of Billy the Puppet

Another character that we think requires immediate dental care is Billy the Puppet from the movie Saw. He definitely needs a full mouth rehabilitation. We see that he has missing teeth, which causes loss of bone structure. And this loss of bone structure causes your chin to be pulled back.

When your chin is pulled back, you look way older than usual. If you ignore the treatment for so long, the bone loss might become irreversible. To see if his bone structure is healthy enough for the implant treatment, we will need a CT scan.


If his bone structure is still healthy (this would be a big surprise since he has had missing teeth for such a long time), we will immediately start placing titanium implants. There is obviously no time to lose anymore. If his bone structure is not healthy enough, we will make some bone grafting before the implant treatment.

Following bone graft treatment, we will place 8-12 implants in both jaws. After 3-6 months of healing time, Billy will visit us again. On this visit, we will place the zirconium crowns over the implants and complete his smile makeover. We can’t wait to see the improvement.

Missing Teeth and Implant Needs of Gollum

We think that Gollum is another character that has avoided his dental needs for years. Therefore, he needs comprehensive dental treatment immediately. Even though his case is not as bad as Billy, Gollum has missing teeth problems as well. Moreover, some of his teeth are broken. The root of these teeth might have to be extracted, and the other teeth might need some root canal treatments.

On his first visit, we will find out which teeth to extract after a panoramic x-ray. After the extractions, we will place 6-10 titanium dental implants in both jaws. And after the healing period of 3-4 months, we will place his custom-designed zirconium crowns over the implants. And we are sure he will take care of his titanium and zirconium restorations just like his precious ring.

When he sees our dental team’s gentle approach, he will realize that there has been nothing to be afraid of. And he will regret delaying his dental treatment for years. Yet, it is never too late. We can create a beautiful new smile for Gollum with the procedures mentioned above. His new smile will help him look younger. On the other hand, we would also recommend a botox procedure for the upper lips so that his new smile shows off itself better.

Crooked and Wobbling Teeth of Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy has a totally different case. Due to her profession’s nature, she wants to have one of the most beautiful smiles in the world. However, she is clearly a dental phobia patient since she insists on collecting teeth from other people instead of visiting a dentist. But we must remind her that this doesn’t solve her dental problems.


She has various dental issues and must go to the right address immediately: a dental clinic. She has wobbling teeth in the front. That is an indication of a gum disease problem. If she visits us, we would first need to find out what is wrong with her gum. After taking care of her gum, a full set of crowns will be a good option for her to get the perfect smile. We also recommend her a 10-hour therapy that would help her comprehend that other people’s teeth are not good for her.

Grinding Problem and the Discolored Teeth of Joker

In Joker’s case, the very first thing we recognize is the yellowness of his teeth. His teeth are severely discolored. Some people may have genetically yellowish teeth. Slightly yellowish teeth are not always a sign of poor dental hygiene. However, Joker’s teeth are severely discolored, showing terrible dental hygiene for sure.

He probably has many decays in his mouth. For those decayed teeth, we’re going to need composite white fillings and possibly root canal treatments. With a full set of crowns, we will design a pretty smile for him. And as his worn-out teeth are the sign of grinding, he’s going to need a night guard to protect his teeth and avoid breakage and chipping.

As mentioned above, the grinding is a sign of stress. We also recommend Joker to have a less stressful life to preserve his mental and dental health. A talented psychologist could help him sort out his issues by deeply analyzing his childhood problems.

Crooked and Yellow Teeth of Joker (Jacqueline Phoenix)

This Joker character has various dental problems too. His teeth are not discolored as much as Joker (Heath Ledger). However, he has some additional issues that require immediate attention. His teeth are crooked, and this uneven and yellow look creates an unpleasant smile. Typically, people having such teeth tend to hide their smiles. But, it is not the case for Joker. He smiles confidently and freely. On the other hand, for other people’s well-being, we recommend him to smile beautifully concurrently. Considering that his teeth’ crookedness is not severe, a beautiful smile can be easily achieved with Emax veneers.

Orthodontic Needs of Pennywise the Clown (From IT)

The case of Pennywise is one of the most difficult ones. He has severe orthodontic problems due to the ignored dentist visits in childhood. Since he had a horrible dentist experience during his childhood, he probably never visited a dentist even during his adulthood. He has too many extra teeth compared to a typical person. So, first of all, we will need to extract several teeth. Then an orthodontic treatment of 2-3 years would help Pennywise to reach a desired dental condition. We recommend him to visit a dentist regularly even after these severe dental issues are treated. We believe that he has neglected his dental care for a long time. So, we will also show him in detail how to take care of his new teeth.


Dental Consultation Needs of the Pinhead

We would also be very happy to help Pinhead with his smile makeover. However, we need some additional photos showing his teeth clearly. Only After analyzing his teeth photos we can make a better assessment. Our recommendation to Pinhead is to visit our clinic in Istanbul or our consultation office in London. After a physical examination, we will create a customized treatment plan for Pinhead. There is always a solution. And there is nothing to be scared of visiting a dentist.☺

Visual Dental Consultation Needs of Ghost Face, Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers

We don’t know if these characters have dental problems too because they’ve never shown their teeth so far. But, they probably have similar issues with the rest of the team. Otherwise, why would they hide their beautiful smiles? ☺ Therefore, we highly recommend them to contact us to get a free video consultation. Since it will be our first interaction with them, video consultation might be better than a face-to-face meeting. We need to build mutual trust first.☺

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