FAQs About Dental Redos: Expert Answers from Maltepe Dental Clinic’s Team

If you look in the mirror and think that your smile doesn’t look quite right, you are not alone. Patients sometimes have a pang of dissatisfaction with their smile, or they might lose a bit of functionality after dental work. When they are bothered with such aesthetic or functional problems following a dental treatment, a visit for a dental redo can help them eliminate their concerns about their teeth.

In this post, we are revealing the world of dental redos. To this end, we will be answering the most critical questions about dental jobs involving redoing of a previous dental treatment. We will start with the description of dental redo, then explore why it is necessary in some cases. After that, we will delve into the processes under the framework of dental redos. Finally, you will read about what to expect from a dental redo.

What Is A Dental Redo And What Is It Needed For?

A Dental Redo is a dental revision in which a dentist fixes the unpleasant result of a previous dental treatment. Though there may be numerous reasons for getting dental redos, all the reasons can be categorized into two broad groups: aesthetic and functionality.

Aesthetic dental redo procedures aim to enhance your natural smile through cosmetic touches. Functional redo procedures, on the other hand, are applied to patients when patients have pain, or their teeth cannot perform an intended task such as chewing or biting.

Why Do You Need A Dental Redo?

Patients need to have a dental redo for either issues from the original procedure or aesthetic and longevity concerns. Let’s see each of these considerations in detail:

Issues From The Original Procedure:

Despite the dentist’s effort and the patient’s desire, it is always possible that the dental work may not go as planned. Potential causes are these:

Following An Improper Technique: 

The dentist’s technique in the original work may not be the ideal one. So, the restoration can fail to meet the desired function or fit. Also, since changes in dental health and advancements in dental technology offer better solutions each year, it might be a good idea to have a dental redo when new technology is available.


Some patients might suffer from complications after a dental treatment. Though some complications are treated immediately, certain complications might necessitate a redo procedure.

Wrong Material: 

Various materials are used to make dental prostheses, and certain materials might not be suitable for some patients. Then, it requires a dental redo to revise the issue. 

Aesthetic And Longevity Concerns: 

The original dental treatment might go well, but a patient might still consider a dental redo after a long time. Here are some factors leading patients to think of a dental redo:

Wear And Tear: 

Some dental restorations such as crowns or fillings experience wear and tear like chipping or staining over time.

Ensuring Longevity: 

Dental restorations such as dentures require replacement or adjustment due to the facial changes with age and changes in the jawbone. A dental redo helps you with maintaining your restoration for a longer time.

Cosmetic Concerns: 

Some patients might be unhappy with the result after a dental treatment due to cosmetic reasons. Sometimes it happens just after the operation, sometimes it happens long after the initial restoration. Thus, they need a dental redo.

What Is The Process In A Dental Redo Like?

As you might guess, each dental restoration requires a different type of dental redo procedure. However, there are a few typical steps that you should know about dental redo:

Step 1: Consultation

A thorough consultation is usually the first step to receiving any dental treatment including dental redo. In a consultation, you can ask your questions to the dentist and discuss your concerns. Most consultation visits involve taking X-rays and assessing the possible restorations.

Step 2: Removal Of Existing Restoration

Since dental redo procedures usually involve the replacement of the initial dental work, dentists remove the existing restorations. For example, removal of the fillings or crowns is one of the most typical procedures.

Step 3: Preparation

Once the existing restoration is removed, it is not often viable to place a new restoration. Patients might need to have medications for a few days, wait for the production of a new restoration such as veneers, crowns…etc, or have a gum grafting treatment depending on the type of the redo procedure.

Step 4: Application Of The New Restoration:

The dentist can place the new restoration now. Depending on the type of restoration, it can be replacing a filling, fitting a new denture, producing and placing a new crown…etc. Your dentist will try to understand if the new restoration fits your mouth. So, make sure that the functional and aesthetic outcome is alright, and that you feel better after the dental redo procedure. If there is anything that you don’t feel quite right, just tell your dentist about it.

What To Expect From A Dental Redo?

Thanks to the advancements in dental technology, patients might have higher expectations from dental treatment. So, dental redo procedures are supposed to provide better solutions as time passes.

Remember that each type of dental redo has its own complexity. While some redos require a few visits, some others can be completed in a single visit. You should ask about the timeline of your redo treatment during the consultation step so that you can arrange your schedule accordingly.

As for recovery, the process and duration of Dental Redos are more or less similar to your original dental work. If it has been a long time since your initial treatment, you might have forgotten how to care after the restoration. So, listen to your dentist more carefully for the post-operative instructions. 

A dental redo procedure is supposed to make you feel better than how you feel after your initial restoration. So, if you have any concerns at any point during the redoing process, do not hesitate to tell about it to your dentist.

Dental Redo At Maltepe Dental Clinic

At Maltepe Dental Clinic, the best dental clinic in İstanbul, we understand that some dental treatments may not please the patients completely. We respect the functional or aesthetic concerns that you face after a previous dental treatment.

Maltepe Dental Clinic is offering a lot of handy dental services for various operations. We use high-end technology and modern techniques to yield the best results for our patients. Also, the dental professionals at Maltepe Dental Clinic, some of the best dentists in İstanbul, are highly meticulous, competent, and caring with vast experience. 

The professional team and comfortable environment at Maltepe Dental Clinic are dedicated to providing you with the best cosmetic dentistry in Turkey. We help you feel better with your refreshed smile. If you have concerns from a previous dental treatment, visit Maltepe Dental Clinic and meet our excellent team.

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