Dental Treatment Abroad
In dental technology, there are a lot of materials used for dental crowns. They differ in relation to the quality and the price.   The price of a dental crown depends on longevity, flexural strength measured in MPa and esthetic of the crown material. The materials of crowns for molars and incisors may differ from...
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Do you know that keeping your and your children’s teeth healthy is very important for overall health? Recent studies proved that teeth and gum diseases may lead to other health problems like heart disease. The good news is, there are some easy ways to keep your teeth healthy and strong. In this post, you will...
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Even if you are afraid of dental treatment, you should not delay going to the dentist. People who are neglecting to go to the dentist have to expect growing dental problems. But you shouldn’t worry any longer! Today patients have different options while choosing a method of anesthesia which can realize a relaxed treatment free...
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Maltepe dental clinlc invisialign
Equally arranged teeth are a beauty attribute in all over the world. Metallic braces should help kids and adults to get their teeth corrected. Unfortunately, the metallic wires are visible, not comfortable and make teeth cleaning a complicated procedure. Even years after orthodontic treatment in youth, the teeth can get out of place again for...
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You have decided to go abroad for dental treatment. That is a good idea if you choose the right clinic which can provide quality and safe treatment. If you need any guidance for the process of deciding the right dental clinic abroad, please see our previous post. Without any doubt, the technology, quality standard, experience...
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If you are pregnant, you need to take care of your teeth and gum more carefully because pregnant women may have a higher risk of having dental problems. Unfortunately, the dental problems during pregnancy not only affect the mother but may also affect the baby. If the mother has an infection in her teeth or...
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