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Non-Prep Veneers Compared to Conventional Veneers

In dental technology there are different kinds of veneers regarding the consistence of used materials and optic results. Permanent veneers generally consist of ceramic, synthetic veneers are only used for test purposes.
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Tooth Wear

Find the Solution to Grinding Teeth on your Next Vacation

Bruxism, or teeth grinding during sleep, is a common habit that plagues 8%-31% of the world’s population. While some people perceive teeth grinding as a somewhat minor issue, those who suffer from it know the pain and potential damage it can cause. Consistent teeth grinding can cause excessive tooth wear, tooth fractures, restricted mouth opening,...
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Dental Phobia

Dental Treatment in Turkey With Laughing-Gas-Sedation

Going to the dentist is not easy for many people, especially when more than one tooth has to be treated. Are you one of the patients who are afraid of going to the dentist? The ones who don't want to receive a general anaesthesia, for example before an implant-treatment, should ask for a laughing-gas sedation.
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Find a Better Dentist and Dental Treatment in Turkey

Dental procedures are expensive, but for some people they can be unavoidable. If you’re one of the many individuals who are in desperate need of tooth work, it can be extremely discouraging to receive a several thousand dollar quote from a dentist. If your insurance can’t cover enough of the charge to make the procedure...
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All on Four

5 Advantages of Dental Implants

To most people, your smile contains a positive connotation that expresses happiness and satisfaction. Yet those who experience loss of their teeth have a negative association in concern to smiling. Without their teeth, a smile is something to avoid and dread. Many attempt to solve their problem with dentures, but dentures are often uncomfortable, troublesome...
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Dolmabahce Palace

Three Myths About Dental Tourism Debunked

Myths and rumors can have a lot of power, and thanks to today’s modern communications misinformation can spread like wildfire. It seems like every day there’s some kind of new sensational news story in the Sun or Daily Mail, and within a few hours of something hitting the web people are spouting “news” stories as...
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