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In dental technology there are different kinds of veneers regarding the consistence of used materials and optic results. Permanent veneers generally consist of ceramic, synthetic veneers are only used for test purposes.

Have you heard of non-prep-veneers before? With this simple method veneers are adhered to the teeth without preparation. The non-prep-veneers are produced with the CEREC-Technology. The particular thing is that they are much more filmy than conventional veneers. They have a width of only 0,3 mm.

Especially esthetic problems can be solved by this treatment. For example, incisors can be extended, small tooth spaces can be closed or teeth color can be changed. The advantage of this solution is due to that the patients own enamel is not affected. Moreover, non-prep-veneers can be kept up for several years. If necessary, they simply can be taken off and the patient can use his or her own teeth as usual.

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But the non-prep method cannot be used every time when a patient requires it. It depends from the placement of the teeth in a jaw, if the tooth needs to be preparated for the veneer treatment or not.

Even if the anatomy of the teeth allows fixing a non-prep-veneer, the dentist should check if the non-prep-veneer achieves the esthetic effect which is expected by the patient. The non-prep solution cannot be used for teeth with fillings because the filling will be still visible through the non-prep-veneer. In this case, the conventional veneer is required. A good dentist will decide for every patient, if doing non-prep-veneers is possible and if they make sense or not in regard to aesthetics.

At the clinic-own dental laboratory of the Maltepe Dental Clinic veneers and non-prep-Veneers are fixed on the teeth with the CEREC-Technology. Do you have an xray or a photo of your teeth? Please send it to . Our dentists can check immediately, if non-prep-veneers are suitable for you.

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Do you have questions? Let us call you and answer them!

Attach an X-Ray: