Visit Istanbul for Dental Treatment

You have decided to go abroad for dental treatment. That is a good idea if you choose the right clinic which can provide quality and safe treatment. If you need any guidance for the process of deciding the right dental clinic abroad, please see our previous post.

Without any doubt, the technology, quality standard, experience of the dentists, reviews, testimonials, cost, guarantee policy, customer service and many other criterion are very important during the decision process. No question about the importance of all the criteria regarding the dental clinic itself.

But don’t you think the city you will travel is also important? Wouldn’t you like to visit a city which offers many inviting reasons like the history, traditions, culture, entertaining nightlife, amazing landmarks, and breathtaking views? Istanbul has it all, and you can’t afford to miss to see this fabulous city which straddles Europe and Asia, has an incredible history that starts from the civilization era, has remarkable art, fabulous architecture, colorful culture and glorious entertainment. Once you visit Istanbul, you will discover many more reasons to fall in love with this city but here are the most inviting reasons to visit Istanbul.

1. Istanbul – The city of magnificent multicultural architecture

Istanbul has been the capital city of the Roman, Byzantine, Latin and Ottoman Empires. In fact, as a result of the rich history of Istanbul, there are many beautiful heritages left. The most prevalent evidence of this history is the magnificent architecture specifically the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Dolmabahce Palace, Church of Saint Sophia, Sulemaniye Mosque and Galata Tower.

2. Istanbul – The city of luxurious and authentic shopping

In Istanbul there are many shopping alternatives from modern shopping centers to luxurious stores. But you will like the authentic stores and the bazaars the most. In these authentic stores and bazaars, you will find many beautiful handmade items and kilim rugs. Also, you will fall in love with the Grand Bazaar where you can find fabulous bargains and buy exotic spices, olives or nuts.

3. Istanbul – The city of The Beautiful Bosphorus separating Europe from Asia

Istanbul stands on two continents, Asia and Europe. The two continents are separated by the Bosphorus and people visiting Istanbul become fascinated with its beauty.

The stretch of water is gorgeous during all four seasons but especially during spring. You can enjoy the boat cruises on the Bosphorus and see the clusters of old Ottoman wooden houses, palaces, castles and bridges.

4. Istanbul – The city of clean, friendly and hospitable hotels

Regardless of what type of hotel you are a fan of, you will find a beautiful hotel according to your preference since Istanbul is really rich of hotels. You can either stay in a boutique hotel with a warm atmosphere or prefer an international chain hotel. But with both choices, you will learn about Turkish hospitality which is one of the best determiners of the Turkish culture.

5. Istanbul – The city of delicious Turkish food

You will enjoy Turkish food that includes many different cuisines such as Ottoman food, Turkish kebab, delicious appetizers, fish and Turkish desserts. If you also like to drink, then you need to try Turkish Raki, Turkish wines or array of fresh juices.


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