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Why Do We Believe in Consultation so Much?

After 19 years in dentistry, I've experienced that my patients are asking the following three questions:

  1. Which treatment options do I have?
  2. How will the end result look like?
  3. How much should I pay for this?

As being the leading dental clinic of Turkey in Dental Tourism, we've decided to open a consultation office in London. To answer these questions in-person and show our patients a more predictable road map through their beautiful smile.

A standard consultation session lasts approximately 30 Minutes and comprises of:

  1. A face to face consultation with me, Dr. Ilhan,
  2. A Digital Smile Design to see how your smile will look like after the treatment,
  3. A Cost Plan including different financing options.

So, if you are thinking about getting your teeth done in Turkey, just book a consultation with me and let's see how your dream smile will look like.

Please remember that all of these services are
100% Free and Non-binding.

Or See How Happy You're Going To Be...

Our Happy Patients

For the last 19 years, I've seen so many different cases. Every patient I've met had a different story about their smile. Some were afraid to talk to people, some were hiding their teeth with hands all the time. I've seen patients having problems in their daily lives, business people hesitating to welcome their customers because of their smile, young couples who want to look perfect in their wedding photos or older couples who want to enjoy a steak again in their summer holiday after living so many years without teeth.

No matter how different the beginning was, the end results were very similar for everyone:

Shining eyes, sometimes a bit of cry, always a dream smile and so many thank you's.