Dental Treatments in Turkey

Dental Treatments in Turkey at at Maltepe Dental Clinic

Our foreign patients have received dental treatment in Turkey from our expert dentists providing modern high-quality services. When you travel to our dental clinic in Istanbul/Turkey, for your dental treatment, you will:

  • receive treatment from the best-qualified specialists
  • be treated in a modern and hygienic clinic
  • be provided the best dental solutions available
  • be offered affordable prices
  • get full assistance in every step you take
  • be helped in your booking, hotel and travel
  • gain fabulous memories of Istanbul, Turkey.
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Same Day Treatments (Full-Ceramic)

Are you in Istanbul for a day, or are you in a hurry? Then you can get the full porcelain veneer or crown option and get your teeth done in a day. Thanks to the CAD / CAM technology, we can make this happen without any issue. Follow us on Facebook.


Dental Implants

If you have lost teeth due to various reasons, they have to be replaced professionally. With dental implantation in Turkey, we replace the missing tooth in the jaw bone with the help of spiral, artificial dental roots. Our dental implants are compatible with the human tissue. The crowns, which are attached to the artificial denture, can be formed as aesthetic and functional as natural teeth. Contact our dental clinic in Turkey to get further information on this dental treatment in Turkey!

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Full Porcelain Crowns

Full porcelain crowns are also referred to as artificial dental surfaces. We use them to replace teeth, which have been damaged, fallen out, or have lost their protective function. We gladly advise you on this dental treatment in Turkey!

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Veneers are a dental treatment, which is used in case of several visual dental problems. Especially front teeth can be treated by adhering porcelain veneers.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry aims at treating aesthetically problematic teeth via minimal but yet effective methods. Nowadays, this treatment is used in order to increase the patient’s self-confidence. After the successful dental treatment in our clinic in Turkey you will feel beautiful and satisfied again.


Zirconium Crowns

Zirconium is a kind of porcelain, which is very aesthetic and resistant. It is used as a foundation for ceramic dental fillings and enables working without a metal insert. With the help of zirconium crowns, we achieve very aesthetic and persistent solutions in terms of ceramic fillings.

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In order to replace missing teeth, we often use so-called dentures nowadays. Just like natural teeth, dentures have to be functional and aesthetic.

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