Zirconium Crown Experience in Turkey

Treatment: Zirconia
Patient’s Country: USA
Shade : 1M1

I was really impressed by the affordability, by the quality of the smile, and how it compared to going to a top-notch cosmetic dentist in the U.S.

David LeeUSA

David’s Zirconia Experince in Istanbul

Our lovely patient David is an actor in the USA and wanted to have a beautiful smile like Hollywood Stars. Unfortunately, his teeth were misshapen and discolored. So he looked for many solutions, both in the USA and abroad. During his pursuit of Hollywood Smile, he came across our clinic and visited us all the way from California to get his dream smile.

smiling man

You have probably noticed that most celebrities have brilliant, white smiles. However, believe us that not all of them are born with those shiny smiles. When you check their photos taken early stages of their career, you recognize the difference quickly. Most of them have undergone cosmetic dentistry procedures. David wanted to take this step in his career as well and got a smile makeover at our clinic.

smiling man
David’s research for a perfect smile brought him to Istanbul. There are many reasons for that. In brief, you get dental treatments such as veneers, crowns, and dental implants at much more affordable prices (up to 70%) without compromising on the quality in Turkey. Indeed you get the highest quality treatment. David needed both crowns and implants. So even his local dentists told him to look at Turkish clinics. Moreover, at Maltepe Dental Clinic, thanks to our aesthetics-focused in-house lab, we can design your smile just like you want in quite a short time. We completed his smile makeover with artistically and aesthetically crafted zirconium crowns in five days.
David has a stunning celebrity smile now. We are very proud to have him at our clinic. We had a great time throughout his treatment process. We wish him success throughout his career. The good news is that you don’t have to be a Hollywood star to have such a beautiful smile. Today many cosmetic dentistry procedures are available to almost everyone.

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