Min-Prep Veneer Experience in Istanbul

Treatment: 20 Minimal Prep Veneers
Patient’s Country: Germany
Shade : 0M1

I get up every morning, look at the mirror, and say: ‘I have the perfect smile!

David BoratowGermany

David’s Veneer Experince in Istanbul

David visited Maltepe Dental Clinic (MDC) from Germany. He is an investor and a true traveler. He is a stylish man with high self-confidence. The only thing missing in his excellent look was a beautiful smile. So, he was dreaming of a perfect smile that would complete his style.

emax veneer zirconia after image

Having a beautiful smile impacts your life in many ways. It has many benefits for your social life because your smile is the first thing people see. With a charming smile, you can get easily noticed. There are many celebrities well known for their stunning Hollywood smiles. We see amazing smiles on TV every day. And David wanted to have a gorgeous smile too and started looking for options for that.

He thought of the bleaching (teeth whitening) procedure first. However, the bleaching procedure can’t eliminate all stains, and the whiteness it provides is not permanent. It basically just whitens your teeth to some degree. But it is not enough for a perfect smile. At this procedure, we can’t guarantee a certain level of whiteness because the procedure’s effectiveness changes case by case.

smiling male patient after veneer treatment

Moreover, as seen in the Before & After picture, David had further dental problems that were impacting his teeth’ aesthetics negatively. His teeth were crooked and chipped. Since these problems were not severe, porcelain veneers were an excellent solution for his case. We only shaved his teeth minimally and prepared them for veneers treatment. With custom-designed and artistically crafted Emax veneers, we both improved the aesthetics and functionality of his teeth. He chose the exact shade (0M1) of his teeth, and this whiteness will be permanent.

We solved David’s all dental problems and created his dream smile with porcelain veneers. Now he has the perfect smile that makes him so happy when looking at the mirror. Today you don’t have to be a celebrity to have such beautiful smiles. You can get a Hollywood smile in just five days at our clinic like our lovely patient David.

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