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🤘A Full-Mouth Restoration🤘
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This case is a #fullmouthrestoration including #dentalimplants and #zirconiumcrowns Due to extensive decays and bone loss, it was a really difficult case. @dr.yusufilhan and @esrakirmizikaya did a great job and created a perfect new smile for our patient.
🇩🇪👇 Full-Mouth-Restauration🤘
Bei diesem Fall handelt es sich um eine Full-Mouth-Restauration mit #zahnimplantaten und #zirkonkronen Aufgrund ausgedehnter Karies und Knochenverlust war es ein wirklich schwieriger Fall. @dr.yusufilhan und @esrakirmizikaya haben großartige Arbeit geleistet und ein perfektes neues Lächeln für unseren Patienten geschaffen.
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Key Takeaways

  • Treatment Duration10 days
  • AdvantagesComfort, aesthetics, different options depending on the case

I have been treated really well in this clinic. The staff worked really hard to make me happy. The dentist worked meticulously. The quality is premium. I will come back for two more implants for my lower denture next year.

William N.Hannover, Germany


We’ve had patients that have visited us to get dentures from all over the World since 2003. When you visit our clinic to have dentures, you will:

  • receive dentures from the best-qualified specialists
  • be treated in a modern and hygienic clinic
  • be provided the best dental solutions available
  • be offered affordable prices
  • get full assistance in every step you take
  • gain fabulous memories of Istanbul, Turkey.
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What Are Dentures?

Dentures are functional and aesthetic replacements used to substitute missing teeth. Many patients use these replacements that can be easily placed and removed.

Dentures from Istanbul - The Options

Depending on the state of your teeth, we use different removable or fixed dentures in Istanbul.

Full Denture

If there are no more natural teeth left, we use full dentures in Istanbul. These artificial teeth, which are composed of acrylic, are placed in your mouth with the support of the upper and lower jaw. As the full denture consists of plastic, it can discolor over time.

Partial Dentures

If there are only some teeth missing, we recommend a partial denture, which can be put in and out. We produce these partial dentures in Istanbul and adhere them to your main teeth with the help of brackets and wires.


We use these partial dentures if the structure of your bones is not qualified for dental implants. Overdentures can be put on the few remaining natural teeth, dental roots or implants. In order to guarantee a proof attachment and to minimize a functional loss, the dental roots and their sensors remain in the mouth.

Dentures - After the Treatment in Turkey

It’s a proven fact that cleaning a denture with the help of your fingers and water only transfers the microorganisms from your hands to the denture’s surface. Thus, you should remove your denture after every meal and clean its inside and outside with a toothbrush and soap. If you cannot hold on to the slippery denture or are afraid that it might fall, you should place it on a soft towel. This prevents the denture from breaking if it falls.

Toothpaste causes the loss of the denture’s protective coating. If the coating on the denture’s surface is battered, it serves as a working point for micro-organisms and complicates the cleaning. In such a case, you should contact your dentist and let him overhaul the denture.

Do not use bleacher, dishwashing detergents or washing powder to clean your denture. These substances do not only damage your denture but are also very dangerous for your health. To clean your denture, you can use specific tabs or cleaning solutions. Cleaning of the tissues, to which the denture has adhered, is very important. It is highly recommended to clean the mouth while cleaning the denture. In this respect, you should also clean your gums and natural teeth with the help of a soft toothbrush or cloth.

In case of a partial denture, it is particularly important that the brackets, which are used as an attachment to your natural teeth, are clean. If food debris is not removed from the brackets, it damages the teeth. Thus, the brackets should be cleaned after every meal. After removing the denture, you should keep it in a bucket of water.

Without your dentist’s approval, you should never let somebody perform abrasions, attachments, repairs or similar actions to your denture. In case of any problems, you should immediately contact your dentist. Dental check-ups on a regular basis also prevent possible problems. Please be aware that your denture only has certain durability, and you should change it in 2 to 5 years. 

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