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😊Close the Gaps😊
🇩🇪👇Für Deutsch.
Are you tired of gaps between your teeth and looking for solutions? You can get a fast smile makeover, eliminate the gaps, and have a perfect new smile at @maltepedentalclinic
Our patient from the USA🇺🇸 had gaps between his teeth. Especially the one in the central was huge and very noticeable. We restored his teeth with #emaxveneers We closed the gaps and created a beautiful set of teeth. In this case, we also conducted a frenectomy surgery.
🇩🇪👇Schließen die Lücken😊
Haben Sie genug von Zahnlücken und suchen Sie nach Lösungen? In der @maltepedentalclinic können Sie Ihr Lächeln schnell umgestalten, die Lücken eliminieren und ein perfektes neues Lächeln haben.
Unser Patient aus den USA🇺🇸 hatte Lücken zwischen den Zähnen. Besonders die in der Mitte war riesig und sehr auffällig. Wir restaurierten seine Zähne mit #emaxveneers. Wir schlossen die Lücken und schufen ein schönes Gebiss. In diesem Fall führten wir auch eine Frenektomie-Operation durch.
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I came across this clinic by coincidence and I have to say that I’m completely satisfied with the whole process and organization. The team is super friendly. The doctor does his work with high care and passion and there is an effort around the clock to make sure that nothing is missed. The hotel is also super. I recommend this clinic to everyone. I’m very grateful to the clinic and I’m mega satisfied. Thank you very much! Super!

Alexandra S.Germany

Special Privileges at Maltepe Dental Clinic in Turkey

We offer exclusive services for medical travel patients receiving implants, cosmetic dental examination, crowns or veneers. Our free services include:

  • Airport transfers (Free for treatment costs over 2000 €)
  • Panoramic RVG Digital Film
  • Dental treatment plan
  • Tooth Extraction
  • Live Video Consultation
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During the initial consultation, we will send you a detailed report regarding the different methods of dental treatment, pricing and recovery time. We will not surprise you with hidden fees. We also have special agreements with our partner hotels only available to our patients.

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