Root Canal Treatment

Key Takeaways

  • Treatment Duration1 Day (most of the time)
  • AdvantagesSaves the tooth, relieves the pain
  • EligibilityAll patients
  • AdviceExperience of the doctor and quality of the tools are critical.

Before visiting this clinic, I visited two different clinics for the root canal treatment. At the first clinic, the dentist broke the canal tool in the tooth. The second one made me visit the clinic multiple times and spend so much money, but my pain was not relieved. One of my friends recommended Dr.Alper. He is extremely skilful and great at communication. Shortly after the first visit, I was able to eat properly. I highly recommend him.

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Root Canal Treatment in Istanbul, Turkey

Do you have a toothache or did your mouth swallow? You might have a bigger issue than just tooth decay. Your tooth might need a root canal treatment. This is where the dentist’s skill and experience come into play. Root canal treatment should be conducted by a highly experienced dentist who uses high-quality material and the latest cutting-edge technology during and after treatment. Otherwise, you might have a painful experience with your teeth in the long-run. That is why our clinic only employs highly experienced dentists for this treatment.

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So what is the root canal treatment?

At the center of the tooth, there is a soft area called dental pulp. When the pulp tissue is infected or inflamed due to various reasons (such as untreated decay, a crack in the tooth, leaky fillings, trauma…) root canal treatment is applied to save the tooth. No matter what the triggering reason is, the root cause is the penetration of bacteria into the pulp. During the root canal treatment, damaged tissue is removed, the canal is thoroughly cleaned and filled with fillers, and finally, the tooth is sealed. It is basically a method to save the natural tooth instead of removing it.

What are the Symptoms that Root Canal Treatment is Needed?

The most significant symptom of the requirement for root canal treatment is tooth pain according to the Association of Endodontists. When the decay or infection progresses and reaches to nerve tissue, it causes pain. This pain may diminish and increase throughout the day. On the other hand, when the pulp dies due to progressed infection, the pain may disappear. This does not mean that the infection has been cured.
Additionally, swelling, discolouration of the tooth, sensitivity to hot/cold food or liquids are other symptoms that may indicate the requirement for root canal treatment.

When is Root Canal Treatment Needed?

When the nerves of the tooth need to be removed or if the radiographic (X-ray) examination shows that damage has occurred at the pulp, then the root canal treatment is required.

Root Canal Treatment Step by Step

Step 1: The first step is to take an X-ray to determine the shape of the root canals and to identify the location of the infection.

Step 2: Local anaesthesia is applied to numb the problem area and to eliminate possible pain.

Step 3: The pulp chamber and root canals of the problematic tooth are accessed.

Step 4: The decayed tissue is removed from the tooth through cleaning the pulp chamber and root canals.

Step 5: Once the pulp chamber is completely cleaned and dried, it is filled with root canal fillings.

Step 6: The tooth is sealed with a permanent filling.

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How Long does a Root Canal Treatment Take?

A root canal treatment can be completed in either one or multiple sessions. It depends on the condition of the tooth since each case has its specific conditions and complications. In order to completely remove the infection from the problematic tooth, multiple sessions may be needed.

Is Root Canal Treatment Painful?

Root canal treatment is a painless process because it is conducted after local anaesthesia. As long as anaesthesia is applied to the appropriate depth, the treatment process is completely painless. However, in cases of acute abscess and excessive inflammation, local anaesthesia may not be adequate. In these cases, further measures can be taken by the dentists for pain control, and treatment can be postponed to another visit. Furthermore, the dentist’s experience and use of hi-tech equipment make a significant difference during the process

Is There an Alternative to Root Canal Treatment?

If root canal treatment is not applied, the infection may spread around and cause bigger health issues. The only alternative to root canal treatment is to remove the problematic tooth. This alternative means loss of a tooth in the mouth, and replacement with an artificial tooth may be needed.


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