Emax Veneers & Zirconia Experience in Turkey

Treatment: Emax Veneers & Zirconia
Patient’s Country: USA
Shade : 0M3

I came in less than desirable. And now I am very good looking.


Josep’s Emax Veneers & Zirconia Experince in Istanbul

Our lovely patient Joe and his wife visited us from the USA. This great couple wanted to get smile makeover procedures at our clinic. Unfortunately, his wife had some dental issues; therefore, we had to postpone her smile design for the sake of quality dental work. However, Joe’s dental condition was suitable for the procedure, and we gave him his dream smile.

a happy couple after emax veneer zirconia treatment

Joe is a successful fragrance expert. A scent is an invisible accessory. It is not only about how you smell; it also plays a significant role in how you feel. On his Instagram page (@joescentme) and YouTube channel (JoeSCENTMe), he helps people with their fragrance selections. Like fragrance, smile design should be done properly and with the right dosage. If the dosage is less, it cannot meet the need, if it is too much, naturality is lost, and it becomes a distraction. But when you have a custom-designed, natural-looking smile, it becomes a beautiful accessory that you will always wear and make you feel more confident.

happy patient after veneer treatment

He had misshapen and discolored teeth that were making him unhappy with his smile. Moreover, the gaps between his teeth (especially the big gap between upper front teeth) were causing an unpleasant look. These dental problems were causing not only aesthetics but also functional issues. So, he needed a complete smile makeover. We restored his teeth with a combination of Emax veneers and zirconium crowns. Our experienced and talented dental team achieved a perfect match for the restorations. And the result is a whiter and harmonious set of teeth and a new, life-changing smile.

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