Comparing Dental Treatment Prices in Turkey in 2024: Affordability and Quality

Last updated on May 13th, 2024

The dental tourism industry in Turkey has grown rapidly in recent years for some good reasons. Turkish dentists have a worldwide reputation for their expertise and experience in all types of dental treatment procedures such as cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, implants, veneers…etc. People in Turkey are more eager than ever to have beautiful smiles. Besides, international patients can benefit from modern dental clinics with huge savings compared to their homeland. Dental treatment prices in Turkey are so competitive that patients can save up to 80% even including flight tickets and hotel expenses. 

But how about the breakdown of the standard dental treatment procedures in Turkey compared to other countries? Should you be worried about the quality? In this blog post, you will learn more about the potential savings of going to Turkey for dental treatment, and also, we will shed light on how they handle “quality”. You will find practical charts and figures to help you compare dental treatment prices across countries, and how Turkish dental clinics can balance affordability and quality.

How Affordable Is It In Turkey?

They always say that dental costs are very cheap in Turkey. Yes, the prices are considerably lower in Turkey than in the UK, the US, and many European countries. But you will not have all types of treatments when you go to Turkey. You must be interested in the costs of 1-3 procedures at once depending on your specific case. Therefore, you need to see the comparison of the costs across countries for each dental treatment procedure.

The following is a comprehensive chart adapted from Medical Tourism Corporation, showing several dental treatment procedures and average prices in the USA, the UK, and Turkey.

Single Implant€4,700€3,100€630
All-on-4 Implant€22,500€15,000€3,400
Veneers (Porcelain)€2,315€1,140€365
Crowns (Porcelain)€1,300€800€245
Dental Bleaching (Laser)€1,670€1,110€340
Root Canal€1,390€1,725€120
Filling (Composite)€230€275€45
Inlay/ Onlay€1,110€640€320
CT Scan/ 3D Scan€555€230€20
Invisalign €6,485€6,100€2,180
Braces (Metal)€6,950€3,325€2,200
Full Denture€500€1,060€4,635

As can be seen in the table, the costs of dental procedures are extremely high in the US though some are relatively more affordable in the UK. However, all types of dental treatment are distinctively cheaper in Turkey. 

How About The Quality?

As the table above shows, there is a huge gap between the prices in Turkey and other countries. So, it is very understandable that some patients ask whether Turkish dental clinics provide high quality throughout the procedures. The simple answer is, yes, Turkish dental clinics are of the highest quality. Let’s see how and why.

First of all, dental professionals in Turkey are highly skilled and experienced. They care for all dental problems effectively. Dentistry is one of the most respected and prestigious departments in universities in Turkey. Only the best students qualify for a dentistry education among millions of others. They have at least 5 years of degree and often have practical experience. Most of them pursue specialized training such as endodontics, orthodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery…etc.

Another factor is, of course, cutting-edge technology and a feasible physical environment in Turkish dental clinics. Patients can enjoy modern clinic buildings in which they can access all services and professionals at once without compromising safety and hygiene. Most dental clinics have in-house labs allowing a more fluid workflow and saving time for other activities such as sightseeing in İstanbul.

Finally, the Turkish Ministry of Health audits dental clinics twice yearly to ensure quality standards, safety, and hygiene. So, dental clinics work hard to meet the standards and avoid sanctions.

How Can They Maintain A Balance Of Affordability And High-Quality Care In Turkey?

Here comes another dilemma: now that dental clinics in Turkey are of great quality, then how can they still be affordable? There are several reasons for that, but the most important ones are the competitive currency exchange rates (USD-TRY, EUR-TRY, GBP-TRY), lower labor and operating costs, and high competition in the international dental tourism industry.

If you are looking for dental treatment in Turkey, or you just want to get an impeccable smile makeover, Maltepe Dental Clinic is here to help you. We work with some of the best dentists in İstanbul and offer the best service quality at highly competitive prices. Contact us now!

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