Patient Experiences: Success Stories from Maltepe Dental Clinic

Maltepe Dental Clinic is proud of its high-quality service and happy customers. Here are just a few success stories from Maltepe Dental Clinic to give you an idea of the service quality and patient satisfaction. Here are some of our success stories to follow.

Success Stories:

Richard, 54, US

I am Richard from the US. I had full-mouth dental implants at Maltepe Dental Clinic four months ago. 

Before traveling to Turkey, I extensively researched the internet and asked people around me about all possible dental tourism destinations. Mexico and Colombia were more accessible to travel, but I thought the quality of the treatment was mainly of the greatest importance because I didn’t have enough jaw bone to support implants. I knew that I needed to have a bone graft, too. So, my case was not just another full-mouth implant. Also, the average prices in Turkey were far more reasonable than the ones in the US. 

Searching for the best dental clinic in İstanbul, I found Maltepe Dental Clinic. I had been to Istanbul many years ago and I remembered that Maltepe was in a good location. However, what attracted me to Maltepe Dental Clinic was the professionalism of the whole staff. I read some success stories from their website. They asked for my X-rays and gave me a quote. The price was fine, but I liked their approach to me and my case. Their communication and expertise were obvious even from the first contact. Then, I got an appointment soon. 

They picked me up at the airport and put me in a lovely 5-star hotel near the clinic. It was a big relief after a long flight, especially when you are nervous about the treatment. The next day, I felt much more relaxed when I met the staff, the translator, and Dr.Mehmet. I felt like the clinic was working just for me, which made me feel so special. 

Throughout the treatment procedure, I didn’t feel any pain. I could even find chances to explore İstanbul and do some shopping. It has been 4 months since I came back home, and I haven’t had any issues with my implants. I smile more often with more confidence now.

Bridget, 38, UK

My name is Bridget, I am from England. I went to Turkey 6 months ago to get veneers for my front teeth.

Before getting the treatment at Maltepe Dental Clinic, I used to avoid smiling, and even lose my self-esteem due to the shape of my teeth. I had been planning to get the treatment in the UK for a long time until I got incredibly expensive quotes. I had to get my teeth done, but the dental treatment prices in the UK were beyond my budget. It was a really hard time for me. Fortunately, a friend of my sister told me about the dental treatment options abroad. It sounded a bit crazy to go abroad for dental treatment at first. However, as I researched on the internet, the idea seemed much more reasonable and even a bright one.

Having read and watched testimonials for a month, I ended up booking my flight to Turkey. I went there with my sister as she was really worried about me. Once we walked into the Maltepe Dental Clinic, my sister and I were amazed by the modern clinic and the excellent staff with positive vibes around us.

Dr. Gurhan treated me. His English was perfect, so we could communicate well. One thing I appreciated so much was he was not trying to just finish my teeth and move to the next patient. He was caring as if I was a close friend or a family member. He explained to me some technical details about the ideal size and shape of the teeth, the veneer options, and the whole procedure. Then we compared them to my expectations, and we designed the whole process together with him. 

The result was wonderful. When I got back home, my friends couldn’t believe their eyes. I think some of them are going to visit Maltepe Dental Clinic at their earliest convenience.

David, 32, France

I’m David from France. I had a root canal treatment and teeth whitening at Maltepe Dental Clinic last year. 

At the beginning of 2023, just after the Christmas Holiday, I had a very bad toothache in my office. I went to a local dental clinic and they prescribed some painkillers to relieve the pain. It was a temporary action. They offered me a tooth extraction or root canal treatment as a permanent solution and gave me a quote for them. The only thing I was thinking about that day was returning home and resting all day. On the next day, having been relieved of the pain, I realized that the cost of the treatments they had offered was too much. Then, I searched for treatment options and prices on the internet. The results were mostly about dental tourism options, especially in Turkey. I narrowed my internet search to root canal treatment and found Maltepe Dental Clinic in Istanbul. Since I had been to Turkey a few times for vacation and work, I was already familiar with Turkey and Istanbul. 

I contacted the clinic via e-mail and sent them my recent X-rays. They said they could have a root canal treatment for almost 1/3 of the price offered to me by the French clinic. I thought it was too good to be true. Then I took some time to watch and read patient testimonials from patients who had received dental treatment at Maltepe Dental Clinic. Finally, I decided to go to Turkey for treatment before my toothache struck again. 

I arrived in Istanbul, and they picked me up at the airport and transferred me to a very comfortable hotel. I got some rest and met my dentist, Dr. Ofluoglu. He was very communicative and professional. He delivered a smooth, painless canal treatment, which made me relieved. I was keeping my natural teeth rather than replacing them. By the way, I saw some other patients getting cosmetic treatments such as crowns, veneers, and whitening. I asked for details about teeth whitening and learned about BEYOND technology. Since I had already saved a good amount of money, I decided to get my teeth bleached before leaving there. It was a great improvement for me.

I had been in terrible pain in France just a few days ago, but then I was smiling with my natural and white teeth happily in Turkey. They were memorable days for me. I will always be so grateful to Maltepe Dental Clinic and the best dentists in İstanbul there.

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