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Last updated on September 26th, 2022

Dental implants are one of the biggest medical reasons why many people consider going to other countries every year. Getting teeth done abroad is generally preferred due to the affordable prices compared to the home country. Therefore, quite a lot of people want to know more about the tooth implant cost abroad. Although the financial aspect is always of great importance, price alone doesn’t mean much unless you consider other factors altogether. In this article, we will explain the associated factors by answering some of the most crucial questions about dental treatment abroad. So that you can do thorough research on them yourself before committing to any dental implants abroad.

Dental Implants

How Much Are Dental Implants Abroad?

Since the biggest motivation for dental implants abroad is the lower prices offered there, it seems wise to think about the costs to start with.

The prices for dental treatment are really high in the US, the UK, and some European countries. For the American people, Mexico and Costa Rica offer reasonable prices. For example, one dental implant costs as much as $4000 in the US, while the same treatment with the same technology is still possible under $800 in Mexico and Costa Rica.

If you are into traveling to Far East countries to get dental implants abroad, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand offer reasonable prices at less than $1000. You can get the same or even higher quality treatment in these countries. Of course, you should still learn about the details of the expertise and technology used in the clinics there.

Some people, especially those residing in Europe, want to stay within the borders of Europe while getting dental implants abroad since they have limited days off from work or school. Also, Europe has always been a popular tourist attraction for many Americans, Arabs, or Asians aside from the Europeans themselves. Turkey, Spain, Poland, Hungary, and Czechia are popular dental treatment destinations in Europe. They usually offer the cheapest dental implants in Europe. The prices are slightly above $1000 on average in Europe, but in Turkey, you can find high-quality dental clinics offering a similar treatment for less than $1000.

Patient with dental implants

Some people think that cheaper prices mean lower quality. Actually, that’s not the case. The same technology is usually sold at lower prices to the low-cost-living countries. Also, lower living costs bring lower taxes, lower labor and operational costs, and so on. They all contribute to the cheaper prices of dental implants abroad. When it comes to expertise, dentists working at clinics in low-cost countries are generally members of globally accredited associations. They are usually well-trained and experienced.

Are Dental Implants Abroad Safe?

Dental implants abroad are a brilliant way of saving money, but nothing matters more than your health and safety. You should definitely search for the health regulations of the country you go for dental treatment. In many countries, all health procedures are governed by one body, while the dentistry is a separate unit in some other countries. You can learn about your rights and responsibilities before going abroad. You should learn if your insurance works there, for example. This can save you some more money and legal rights. Also, you need to know about the technology and expertise used in the clinic that you want to go abroad. The qualifications of the dentists and the extent of the guarantee they offer might help you a lot make up your mind on dental implants abroad. You should also learn about the procedure in case you have a complication after the treatment. Sometimes it is advised to take care of that in your home country. On the other hand, you are supposed to go back to the clinic urgently in some conditions.

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Is It Worth Travelling Abroad To Get A Dental Implant?

Dental implants abroad take patients to a parting of the ways; saving a good amount of money versus dealing with a complicated organization and considering the safety issues mentioned above. At this point, you should think carefully about whether your potential cost-saving outweighs the organizational and safety procedures that you should deal with. In fact, it is a tricky question since neither of these variables is much clear. When you consider cost-saving, you should also account for the costs of travel, accommodation, potential loss of your salary due to more days off from work…etc. On the other hand, today, organizational and safety procedures are way different than before. You can get the same or even better treatment abroad. They give long years of guarantee for their treatment. Also, some organizations arrange everything for you so that you can focus on your dental implants abroad, your new smile, or the sightseeing you will have there.

As you see, dental implants abroad or any other treatment needs a thorough research before taking any steps because the pros and cons you previously set in your mind might be just the opposite.

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Where To Get Dental Implants Abroad?

Once you find good answers to the previous questions, this question becomes much easier to answer. Of course, touristic reasons have a role while you decide on the country where you will get dental implants abroad. However, you are advised to give priority to your patient self rather than your tourist self. Some dental technology brands are trusted worldwide. Therefore, you can ask for those technology brands. Also, you can go to the clinics’ websites and explore the name of the dentists, read the comments about them, and learn more details about the prices, insurance options and guarantee period…etc.

If you have some extra time and money, you can take the issue more touristically once you are done with the health concerns. Some countries like Turkey invest in medical tourism a lot. This generally means more motivated dentists, more technological devices, and higher standards at each step of your visit.

Dental Implant Treatment

Questions To Ask Before Having Implants Abroad

If you have made up your mind about dental implants abroad and you have a few candidate clinics to go to, you can ask them the following questions:

As you see, getting dental implants abroad is not an easy decision, which is understandable. But when you do thorough research and find the right clinic, it provides many benefits from saving money to having a great touristic experience. We hope this guide will help you make up your mind easier.

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