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5 Essential Tips for Healthy Teeth

Do you know that keeping your and your children’s teeth healthy is very important for overall health? Recent studies proved that...
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Twilight Sleep Dentistry At Maltepe Dental Clinic

Even if you are afraid of dental treatment, you should not delay going to the dentist. People who are neglecting to...
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Straight And Esthetic Teeth With Dental Splints From Turkey

Equally arranged teeth are a beauty attribute in all over the world. Metallic braces should help kids and adults to get...
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Visit Istanbul for Dental Treatment

You have decided to go abroad for dental treatment. That is a good idea if you choose the right clinic which...
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Periodontal Disease During Pregnancy

Periodontal Disease During Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, you need to take care of your teeth and gum more carefully because pregnant women may have...
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Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Dental Clinic Abroad – Part 2

If you are planning to travel abroad for your dental treatment but are confused about how to choose the best dental...
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Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Dental Clinic Abroad

Are you planning to get dental treatment  at a dental clinic abroad? That’s a great plan as long as you choose the...
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tooth sensitivity and ache

How to Avoid Tooth Sensitivity and Ache During Winter

During the winter months, you may be enjoying the cool weather and the beautiful scenery winter presets. But some people do...
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Non-Prep Veneers Compared to Conventional Veneers

In dental technology there are different kinds of veneers regarding the consistence of used materials and optic results. Permanent veneers generally...
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