Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Dental Clinic Abroad

Last updated on January 14th, 2022

Are you planning to get dental treatment at a dental clinic abroad? That’s a great plan as long as you choose the right dental clinic. But how are you going to make sure that the clinic you have found is the best option for you? The most common and also the easiest way is to ask many questions regarding the dentists, clinic, treatments, prices, quality and the whole process, etc. When you ask questions, you will not only get the necessary information about the dental clinic but also see how eager they are about answering your questions. More clearly, during your decision process by asking questions, you will learn a great deal of information about the clinic, such as the international patient departments’ promptness, knowledge, quality and so on. Well, you may agree about our point here but may not be sure about what questions to ask. Do not worry about that either because we listed a lot of questions in detail for your convenience.

Questions about the Dentists of the Dental Clinic Abroad

1)      Ask the clinic if they can provide you with detailed profiles of their dentists with background and experience information.

2)      It is essential to know the specialization level of the dentists in the areas of dentistry you are inquiring about. You need to ask the name of the dentists who will be involved in your treatment and their specialization. Is it Orthodontics, Prosthodontics, Endodontics, etc?

3)      Learn about the qualifications the dentists hold. Where did they received their training and when?

4)      You need to be sure about the dentist’s experience for your specific needs. Therefore, you may want to ask about the number of the specific treatment the dentist carries out each year.

5)      Also, it is essential to know if the dentists belong to national and/or international associations.

Questions about the Dental Clinic Abroad

1)      There are many dental clinics around the world, claiming they provide the best services for international patients. Unfortunately, many of these claims are unwarranted, so it is crucial to question the truthfulness of these claims. The most reliable way of deciding about the quality of a dental clinic and the trustfulness of their claim is to check if they have any international accreditation proving their high quality of treatments and patient services.

2)      You need to consider the situation in that you get dental treatment abroad, then you go back to your country, and your dentist at home may need to know what treatment you received and other necessary details. Therefore, you need to ask the clinic if they provide a report in English or the appropriate language to your case.

3)      Do you have a dental laboratory on-site? If not, which dental laboratories do you use, and why?

4)      When you are abroad for your dental treatment, you need to know exactly who will assist you with your travel, accommodation and other necessary needs. Ask the clinic if they have any structured plan for your dental travel journey.

These are some of the important questions you need to ask the dental clinic abroad before you decide if the clinic is the right choice for you or not. There are more questions you need to consider asking regarding the treatment process, unwanted situations, complications, pricing and payment arrangements. Also, since dental implants are one of the most popular dental treatments, you need to ask some specific questions regarding dental implants. We will publish the questions regarding all of these critical topics and our helpful tips and tricks soon. So please follow our posts and let us know if you need any support during your decision process and your search for a dental clinic abroad.

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