3 Smile Design Myths to Know

Last updated on August 16th, 2023

Smile design is getting more and more popular nowadays. Unfortunately, as people spread the word, the myths about smile design are spreading faster than the facts. So, reading through the following article, you will learn essential information about smile design and then the myths and facts.

What Is Smile Design?

Smile Design is a dental procedure or a combination of various dental procedures that creates whiter, straighter and more beautiful smiles. It may consist of a wide variety of techniques ranging from periodontal surgeries to restorative treatments such as dental implants. It is all about the existing dental condition of a patient and his/her unique needs and wants. Considering these factors, the dentist creates a treatment plan to give a beautiful new smile to the patient. Because each case is different, each smile design must be custom-planned. So, a smile design procedure has many artistic and scientific aspects both in the planning and implementing phases.

What Is Smile Design Used for?

Smile design is basically used to enhance patients’ facial aesthetics and smile. With this process, the patients have healthier and natural teeth. Their aesthetic concerns are eliminated, and thus they smile more comfortably and confidently. They gain better gum lines, more balanced teeth color, and decay-free teeth in more technical terms. Thanks to the smile design, patients feel more positive in their professional and social lives, boosting their self-confidence and success.

Why Is Smile Design Popular?

Smile design is getting more and more popular these days. There are several reasons for this, but one major reason is the need for being more confident in social life. First of all, positive changes might give you are not limited to your teeth and mouth. People regard it as an overall investment to their overall appearance. Also, compared to botox or some other applications, a smile design gives a longer-lasting improvement in smiling and self-confidence. Also, chipping and discoloration that comes with aging are eliminated easily by this treatment.

Another reason why smile design is popular is the celebrities we see on TV every day. Their trends carry big clout, and the high-tech appearance improvement they take become more accessible to ordinary people in a shorter time thanks to the aesthetic and communication technologies. Millions of people plan to visit their dentist to copy their idols’ smile as they do it in many other ways like clothing, hair design, etc.

What is Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design refers to a recent aesthetic and dentistry technology to design smiles considering the anatomy of patients’ teeth, gums, and lips. In digital smile design technology, the whole treatment is planned virtually, and the patients can have an idea of the treatment process thanks to digital technology. In more technical terms, treatment for reaching an ideal smile may involve orthognathic surgery, periodontal therapy, cosmetic dentistry, and plastic surgery. The best possible dental and dental-facial beauty is aimed to produce through this technological approach. Today, professionals use various software to design the smile digitally. However, as in every new technology, some misconceptions have emerged regarding digital smile design. Below we will have a look at the three most common myths.

What Are The Myths About Digital Smile Design?

Now, it is time to bust the most popular myths about digital smile design. Of course, the myths cannot be limited to the ones listed here. In this part, we inform you of the most popular 3 myths you might hear in public.

Myth-1: Better Technology Means Better Smile 

Many people assume that technology does the job, not the professionals. Of course, technology is a vital part of digital dentistry. However, you should bear in mind that unless that technology is in good hands, it will not help you much. In other words, before undergoing any dental procedure, you should make sure your dentist is able to work with precision on extremely small scales, which requires high-level hand-eye coordination. The use of digital smile design software doesn’t mean that you will get a perfect smile at the end of the treatment. The software is only a tool. And the whole process is not only performed by one dentist. A team of a dentist, a ceramist, and a technician should plan the entire procedure considering your complaint and feedback throughout the process. Therefore, the success of your smile design is not only about the technology, but it is only possible with the perfect combination of the experts (dentist, ceramist, and technician), technology, and your positive contribution to the process.


Myth-2: I Can See My Smile Design On The Simulator Before

Quite a lot of people also believe that we have enough technology now, and thus the software used in digital smile design is able to show you the exact smile on the simulator before you start the procedure. In fact, by taking high-quality photos and videos, the smile design simulators can provide the patient with a possible outcome that will be reached at the end of the procedure. However, this preview is not the same as a result in reality in most cases. Although the simulation technology is much better than in the past, it is not at a point where they press a button, and the machines do the job. Therefore, the professional experience and hand skills of the experts are still of great importance. So, keep in mind that the simulated smile shown to you at the beginning of the process might be illusional unless you are in good hands. 

Myth-3: Dentist Designs the Smile

Another myth about digital smile design is that they are the dentists who design the smile. It is not the case in order to reach the best smile possible. A designer and a ceramist work in coordination with the dentist throughout the process. It is their teamwork and patient’s positive contribution that make the difference. However, in most cases, dentists leave the job to the designer as they are busy with many other things at the same time. It is sad but true. One very typical outcome of this problem is cookie-cutter smiles which are away from being personal. Nobody would like to have a uniformed smile after spending a considerable amount of time and money. Now, seeing the myths and some sad truth, we should reconsider how to get the most out of digital smile design. First, we should be aware that technology doesn’t do the job itself (at least cannot yet). Therefore, we should seek options that combine technology with artistic touch and teamwork.


What Do We Do At Maltepe Dental Clinic?

At Maltepe Dental Clinic, we believe that every smile is unique and should be designed personally. A team of dentists, ceramists, and technicians, gets together with the patient. They analyze the patient’s current dental condition and listen to his/her expectations carefully. The team of experts plans the tentative smile design for the patient. Considering the patient’s feedback and technical reviews in the ongoing process, the tentative design is given the final shape until the perfect smile is reached.

Digital Smile Design is a technique used in Maltepe Dental Clinic as well. We always use state-of-the-art devices and incorporate all kinds of innovations into our processes for the happiness of our patients. However, we are also aware that technology alone is not yet sufficient for completely customized perfect results. It is the hands’ artistic touches that give the perfection and customized look. So, Maltepe Dental Clinic offers you a unique smile with a perfect blend of artistic perspective and technology-enhanced hand skill.

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