Find the Solution to Grinding Teeth on your Next Vacation

Last updated on August 16th, 2023

Bruxism, or teeth grinding during sleep, is a common habit that plagues 8%-31% of the world’s population. While some people perceive teeth grinding as a somewhat minor issue, those who suffer from it know the pain and potential damage it can cause. Consistent teeth grinding can cause excessive tooth wear, tooth fractures, restricted mouth opening, headaches, and can even lead to issues in the gums and tongue. In certain circumstances, ignoring Bruxism for too long may cause a dependency on dentures due to abundant tooth damage.

Special mouth-protectors, which have to be worn by the patient at night, can be a solution to avoid teeth grinding. If the harmful effects of Bruxism already have become visible and appreciable, further dental treatments like Zirconium Crowns have to be considered.

Unfortunately, many people find out too late or wait too long to take action against tooth grinding that occurs unnoticed during sleeping hours. Dental treatments and related materials can be costly in the home country, due to dentists raising prices to combat against overhead charges and insurance rates. Thankfully, there is an answer for those living on a budget, that are in serious need of special dental treatments because of the effects of Bruxism.

Dental clinics in countries such as Turkey have much lower rates for producing tailor-made mouth protectors or qualitative crowns, and many individuals have turned to taking dental vacations as an alternative to paying big bucks at home. For less than the price of a single procedure in your home country, you can have the added benefit of visiting beautiful cities like Istanbul while undergoing a much needed dental care.

In Turkey, you receive top quality medical attention concerning your teeth problems like teeth grinding without needing to worry about investing in expensive payment plans. If you’ve been putting off fixing the effects of Bruxism on account of the outlandish prices for denture work, make the choice to take a dental vacation and enjoy a pain-free smile once again!

Have you taken a dental vacation to find a solution to teeth grinding? What were your experiences?

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