Cosmetic Teeth Reshaping And Dental Contouring

Last updated on November 11th, 2023

Tooth reshaping and dental contouring are practical ways to get rid of numerous aesthetic problems with your teeth. However,  we know from experience that cosmetic problems such as uneven, chipped, cracked, misaligned, or crooked teeth can make a lot of people unhappy. Although patients often take action when their dental problems are associated with functional issues, they tend to ignore it if it is just an aesthetic problem. 

Teeth contouring and reshaping have obvious benefits for patients. However, one should remember that not all cosmetic problems can be treated through contouring or reshaping, while other corrections are only possible through more advanced treatment options. 

In this article, you are going to read and learn about tooth reshaping and contouring including the advantages, risks, and alternative treatments. Note that you should always discuss your oral problems with a dental professional, first. 

What Is Tooth Reshaping And How Does It Work?

Tooth reshaping is also known as enameloplasty, odontoplasty, contouring, recontouring, cosmetic contouring, slenderizing, and stripping. It is a low-cost cosmetic procedure to correct uneven, chipped, cracked, misaligned, or crooked teeth. The process is painless and pretty quick. The procedure may involve removing a little bit of the tooth enamel and using bonding resin to achieve a better shape for your natural tooth. Therefore,  this cosmetic procedure is also called enamel reshaping. Enamel contouring also enables dentists to adjust the width and length of the teeth.

According to a study published in the Journal of Orthodontic Update on 2 October 2014, Volume 7, Issue 4; The clinical relevance: Tooth reshaping is fast becoming a common orthodontic treatment for misshapen and malformed teeth as it is an effective, minimally invasive technique to achieve a highly aesthetic result.

Benefits Of Tooth Reshaping

Tooth reshaping is a relatively simple and affordable treatment. Although the procedure is simple and minimally invasive, the results are very impressive. Most patients are satisfied with the results. Here are some of the most remarkable benefits of tooth reshaping.

Tooth reshaping

  • Improves dental alignment significantly
  • Saves you from further orthodontic treatments such as braces 
  • Costs less than most other dental treatments
  • Offers a painless, safe, and effective correction
  • Improves the overall dental health and smiles’ appearance
  • Boost your self-confidence

Candidates For Tooth Reshaping

Patients suffering from crooked, uneven, misshapen, or misaligned teeth are good candidates for tooth reshaping treatment. Tooth recontouring treatment is also very effective for small or big front teeth reshaping

You should note that the teeth reshaping procedure addresses minor imperfections only. If the problem requires treatment beyond cosmetic enamel contouring, you might need to consider other treatment options. Dental professionals usually advise dental braces as an alternative to tooth reshaping for more difficult problems. Also,  patients are expected to have healthy teeth and gums before the tooth reshaping procedure since the enamel surface is slightly removed during the process. Unhealthy gums or decayed teeth have to be treated before this cosmetic treatment can even start. Also, keep in mind that the cosmetic improvement of the gum line can be achieved through a gum contouring treatment.

Whether you are a good candidate for this treatment or not might seem a bit complicated to you. However, you can easily get your dentist to assess your case and talk about your options with him/her. His/her insight and honest advice can help you make your mind up about the issue.

What Are The Risks Of Tooth Reshaping?

Although tooth reshaping is a practical and affordable way to eliminate subtle cosmetic problems with your teeth, the procedure involves the slight risk of removing too much enamel from the tooth surface. If this happens, the patient may feel sensitivity due to the damage to the tooth’s nerve. Therefore, you should find an experienced and competent dentist to get this treatment done properly.

Tooth Reshaping Before And After

before and after tooth reshaping
before and after enamel reshaping
before and after teeth reshaping

What Are The Alternatives To Tooth Reshaping?

As mentioned above, the application of tooth contouring is limited to minor cosmetic defects. If the problem is more severe, dental professionals usually advise one or more of the treatments listed below:

How Do I Care For My Teeth After Tooth Reshaping?

Tooth recontouring is a permanent treatment, so there’s no need to follow up with another treatment procedure once you get your teeth reshaped. However, if you want to maintain the  health of your newly contoured teeth, you should consider the following points after  treatment:

  • Avoid food and drinks that contain too much sugar.
  • Consult your doctor first, but try adding more calcium to your regular diet.
  • Brush your teeth regularly but gently.
  • Make sure you are not grinding or clenching.
  • Don’t miss your regular dentist appointments.

FAQs About Teeth Reshaping

Teeth reshaping is one of the best ways to get a beautiful smile. Though it is a common cosmetic practice, tooth reshaping may not be familiar to some people. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that patients have had about this treatment.

Does Teeth Reshaping Hurt?

No, it doesn’t. Teeth reshaping is a painless procedure.

How Long Does The Tooth Reshaping Procedure Take?

The procedure of tooth reshaping takes less than one hour. In most cases, only one appointment is needed to complete this treatment.

How Much Does Tooth Reshaping Cost?

The average cost might range from $50 to $300 per tooth. However, depending on where you get the treatment and whether you are getting other treatments at the same time, the price might change.

Will Tooth Reshaping Be Covered By My Dental Insurance?

The teeth contouring cost is not covered by most dental insurance since it is regarded as a cosmetic dentistry treatment.

Can Tooth Reshaping Be Used To Correct A Bite Problem?

Yes, it can. Though tooth reshaping is considered a cosmetic procedure, dentists can improve your biting alignment by reshaping the front teeth in particular.

Can Tooth Reshaping Be Used To Correct A Missing Tooth?

No, the treatment doesn’t help you with a missing tooth.

Can I Get My Teeth Reshaped Before Braces?

Yes, technically it is possible to get your teeth reshaped before braces. However, the most common practice is to get the teeth reshaped after braces in order to have perfect teeth with perfect alignment.

Finding The Right Dentist For Tooth Reshaping

Tooth reshaping is in demand nowadays. You can get contouring almost anywhere in the world. However, when it comes to choosing a dentist or dental clinic to get treatment, you should consider the quality standards, expertise, and dental contouring cost before taking action. 

If you are not sure whether or not you should get this cosmetic treatment, you are more than welcome to contact Maltepe Dental Clinic right now. Our skilled and highly experienced dental professionals are willing to discuss all issues related to your dental health, and their honest opinions and guidance can help you put your mind at ease about the tooth reshaping procedure.

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