Last updated on May 24th, 2022

Why Did We Decide to Open a Consultation Office in London?

Either you need a cosmetic or restorative dental treatment, choosing the right dental clinic can be a tough decision. First of all, you want to find a clinic that you can fully trust. You want to be sure that the clinic you will choose is competent in the treatment you need. You seek answers to many questions regarding the dentist, clinic, prices, payment arrangements, quality, the time required for the whole process, etc. Below are only some of the questions you may have before starting your dental procedure:

  • What are the available treatment options?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of these procedures?
  • Am I eligible for these procedures? Which of these options is the best fit for my specific case?
  • What are the risks associated with the treatment?
  • Who will carry out my treatment? Does the dentist have adequate qualifications and experience?

When it comes to getting dental treatment abroad, your questions and anxieties may double:

  • How will the whole process work out?
  • Will anyone assist me with travel, airport transfer, and accommodation parts of my dental journey?
  • Does the clinic have adequate experience in international dentistry?
  • How many dental treatments, similar to my specific case, have the dentist carried out so far? What is the success rate of the dentist/dental clinic?
  • What will I do if unwanted situations occur? Is the dental work guaranteed for a certain period? If so, how many years?
  • How long will the treatment take? How long will I need to stay abroad?
  • Will there be a language barrier throughout the process? What is the dental team’s level of fluency in my language?

Benefits of Pre-Treatment Consultations

Definitely, your questions are not limited to the ones mentioned above. So, to get answers to all the questions you may have, pre-treatment consultation is a very beneficial platform. This consultation is an integral part of your treatment process. Patients and doctors come together at this platform and decide the most appropriate treatment. Moreover, it is a known fact that there are many people with dental anxiety and phobia. Consultations eliminate possible anxieties, doubts, and biases as well. They help patients feel more comfortable with the treatment.

Maltepe Dental Clinic Consultation Services

At Maltepe Dental Clinic, we have been serving our patients for years with the motto of ‘Quality, Speed, and Trust’. Pre-treatment consultations play a significant role in building trust and realizing this pillar of our motto. We give consultation services to our patients through various communication channels such as Email, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc. We also provide video consultations on Facetime and Whatsapp. All of these are powerful and effective platforms. However, face-to-face meetings, where doctors and patients personally come together, are always the most efficient methods. The higher the quality of the consultation, the more trust can be built. So, to offer in-person consultation and help our patients make highly informed decisions, we have opened an office in St.James/London.

Maltepe Dental Clinic London Office

Consultation services at our London Office are given by our highly-qualified and experienced dentist Dr. Yusuf Ilhan. Besides his dental expertise, he has excellent communication skills that are paramount to effective consultation. At this office, Dr. Yusuf Ilhan provides our patients with all the information they need before starting a dental journey:

  • Yusuf Ilhan answers all the questions you may have regarding your specific case. Moreover, he asks leading questions to determine the best option together with you.
  • He provides before and after photos of previous cases and further visuals to explain the process and give an idea about the possible improvement. These visuals help you understand the procedures better.
  • For dental treatment, each case is different. A procedure that works for a patient may not work for others. So, at these consultations, Dr. Yusuf Ilhan assesses your specific case. He provides you with information regarding the available techniques/procedures. You have the chance to discuss the pros and cons of each option.
  • If you have health problems or if you use some medications, you can discuss these with the doctor as well. These may play significance role in determining your eligibility to procedure.
  • Furthermore, with digital smile design technology, he can design and show your future smile digitally.
  • After you get a consultation, you’re not required to schedule a treatment appointment at our clinic. It is non-binding and free. If you want he provides you with a treatment plan and a quote.
  • These in-person consultations are also great platforms to discuss regular dental care issues with a professional. Dr. Ilhan gives you beneficial information for proper care of your teeth.

We always want to make sure that our patients leave our clinic happy and satisfied. From the skilled technicians in our in-house lab to our highly qualified dentists, every member of our team works diligently to achieve this objective. Understanding the expectations of the patient entirely is as crucial as carrying out the treatment correctly. Because if a patient isn’t sure about what he/she really wants or if the patient expects something different than we comprehend, he/she will probably be dissatisfied at the end of the treatment. So, our London office is very crucial in terms of understanding the needs/wants of our patients completely and informing them regarding the process and prospected result.

If you’re considering a major dental treatment, getting a personal consultation is definitely a good idea. A consultation gives you all the information you need for your dental care and treatment. To schedule a consultation, please get in contact with us through email, Whatsapp, or our social media accounts. Besides providing online consultations sessions, if you can make it to our London office, you can get a face-to-face consultation with Dr. Yusuf Ilhan.

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