Three Myths About Dental Tourism Debunked

Last updated on August 16th, 2023

Myths and rumors can have a lot of power, and thanks to today’s modern communication platforms, misinformation can spread like wildfire. It seems like every day there’s some kind of new sensational news story in the Sun or Daily Mail, and within a few hours these stories are read on the web by numerous people. Then we see people are spouting “news” stories as facts without doing any research on their own to see if it is true or not.

Lately, stories about dental tourism have been making headlines, but usually for the wrong reasons. Some people are convinced that dental tourism will cause nothing but problems for people at home and abroad, but the reality is that it may be one of the most cost-effective and safest decisions you can make. It is true that there are more people getting cosmetic dentistry in Turkey and other countries, but that is the only fact you’ll find in a lot of sensationalized stories about the topic. There are plenty of myths about cosmetic dentistry, and we’re here to set the record straight on a few popular “facts.”

Myth: Medical care abroad can’t compare to care in the U.K.

This is the myth that you’ll find in just about every article written about people going abroad to get dental care. They claim that doctors abroad just aren’t trained as well as British doctors and that their work would look terrible next to work done by a doctor in England. Doctors from around the world all have to adhere to a strict set of standards, and in modern medicine country borders can matter a lot less than you’d think. You’d be surprised by just how much cross-cultural learning goes on in the medical field. There are plenty of doctors in Turkey, Poland, and other countries that have come to England to do their studies. These people then go back to their own countries and pass on what they’ve learned to new doctors.

Myth: Cheap medical care is automatically bad

Because medical care is so expensive in the U.K., people make the false equivalence that quality medical care is automatically expensive. Despite what most have been conditioned to believe, good quality medical care doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. In the U.K. and other countries, medical costs have become dramatically inflated over the past couple of years. Other countries have the same quality of medical care, but are much less expensive because they lack the cost inflation people in the U.K. experience.

Myth: Traveling for dental care and surgery is a new fad

When people see the rising rates of medical tourism, they assume that it must be some kind of new phenomenon. In the past, it was very common for celebrities and politicians to travel to get certain medical procedures done outside of their home countries. And like many travelers today, medical tourists of the past traveled because of cost reasons. If medical costs continue to rise in the U.K., people will have to start looking for affordable medical care elsewhere. The number of people traveling for dental surgery and cosmetic procedures will only continue to grow.

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