Turkey Teeth: Everything You Need To Know About

Last updated on August 16th, 2023

The trend of Turkey teeth is growing remarkably fast as a result of the transformations shown on social media; especially on TikTok. Nowadays, you are extremely likely to see a social media icon shining bright with his/her equally bright teeth in Turkey. Fueled by merely lower prices at first, the trend is still rising in several ways now. People love the way their smiles can be changed in a very short time. They have gained back self-confidence after many years with bad teeth. However, things were not that bright for everyone. Unfortunately, some dental treatments and smile makeovers have ended in disappointment and regret. 

The failures in cosmetic dentistry have led people to question Turkey teeth. However, the mainstream complaints targeted Turkey teeth prices, which could hardly be attributed to improper dental care in Turkey. In fact, malpractice is possible everywhere regardless of the country and the price. What matters most is the qualifications of the dentist, technology, and tools. If it is a dental clinic, looking for institutional reliability and liabilities are good places to look into. 

In this post, you will learn everything needed to understand the trend of Turkey teeth and have a broader understanding of the essential factors to be considered before getting a dental treatment. In essence, we are not promising that you will feel safer, but you will learn how to feel more reassured. Here we go!

What Is Meant By Turkey Teeth?

Turkey tooth is a new term and is used with different meanings. It refers to filing someone’s natural tooth down and putting crowns or veneers on top of that. Upon getting “Turkey teeth”, the teeth are usually super white and are perfectly square in shape. 

Though many millennials are keen to have Turkey teeth,  the phrase is used sarcastically, implying that patients sacrifice their natural and healthy teeth to get fake but good-looking ones.

Some also use the expression “Turkey Teeth” to refer to a failed dental treatment in Turkey, most commonly involving veneers or dental crowns. This is often the result of excessive tooth filing, overzealous tooth reduction, aggressive procedures, or issues arising post-treatment.

Why Is Turkey Cheap For Dental Treatment?

Here are a few reasons why dental treatment in Turkey is so much cheaper than in many other countries:

  • Lower living and labor costs: Dentists and clinic staff get lower wages and salaries, leading to lower labor costs compared to USA and Europe.
  • Lower operating costs: Expenses for the facility, utilities, rent, etc. are much cheaper in Turkey.
  • Government support and incentives: As the main destination for worldwide health tourism, government support and incentives make it more affordable with lower taxes.
  • Currency exchange rate: The exchange rate of Turkish lira against foreign currencies makes it cheaper for international patients.
  • The high number of dental clinics: The high number of dental clinics in Turkey leads to competitive pricing, eventually reducing the prices.

This video explains the 5 reasons why dental treatment in Turkey is affordable.

Of course, there are always risks associated with medical tourism, so it’s important to do your research before you book a trip to Turkey for dental treatment.

Is It Safe To Have Teeth Done In Turkey?

According to the survey published by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) in 2021, the highest number of cosmetic procedures, including dental cosmetics, are carried out in the USA, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Germany, Argentina, and Turkey, respectively. The countries seeing the highest proportion of foreign patients are Turkey, Colombia, Mexico, and Thailand. This indicates that Turkish dental professionals are highly experienced and skilled in their field, ensuring that safety measures are of the utmost importance when providing treatments.

Furthermore, you can find a lot of information on the clinics’ websites about getting dental treatment abroad and watch some Turkey teeth reviews. In this video, a patient explains his dental treatment experience in Turkey.

Turkey Teeth Gone Wrong: Is It So? 

Unfortunately, there is a misconception that if something is not expensive, it is of bad quality. It is understandable that everyone is affected by previous experiences, and they develop a mindset accordingly. However, when it comes to health issues, it is better not to listen to biased opinions.

Some Turkey teeth reviews have shown that a few patients had really bad experiences in their cosmetic dentistry in Turkey. We share their sorrow. However, the reviews and complaints go beyond a certain clinic or dentist and generalize the problem to all dental clinics in Turkey. 

Spending so much time and money, and ending up with a disaster is, of course, heartbreaking. Nevertheless, we should note that what makes dental work good or bad is not its location. Proper dental work can stand out from others anywhere in the world. Likewise,  improper service could fail even in the best places in the world. The quality can be only attributed to the dental clinic, including the organization, dentists, assistants, technicians …etc. 

The most important thing in dental procedures is not the country, but the eligibility of the dental professionals, laboratories, and material used in the process. A competent dentist using the proper technology and high-quality products never fails to do a great job regardless of his/her location on Earth. The conditions stated here are connected to each other for ultimate success. By the same token, when there is only one link missing in the chain, the likelihood of a failure increases dramatically. Therefore, a patient should look for a decent combination of the factors such as the eligibility of the dentists, technology, and the material used in the process.

Finally, we add that excellent dentistry is independent of the country. A dental disaster is always possible in any country regardless of the geographical location or the cost of the treatment. 

Questions To Ask Before Having Dental Treatment Abroad

Going abroad for dental treatment is not a one-day trip. You need to prepare yourself. You should make a budget and an appropriate schedule. Nonetheless, nothing else matters more than your health. Thus, you should try your best to envision the dental tourism process clearly and concisely even before you set out on the trip. 

However, while making your mind clear about dentistry procedures abroad, it is natural that you might miss some points, especially if it is your first time. Here are some of the most prominent questions to help you visualize the procedure. Never leave your home before having clear answers to these questions.

  • Is it a clinic or a health tourism agency? (a dental clinic is preferred)
  • What is the appointment and treatment plan?
  • In cosmetic procedures, which restoration am I getting? Is it a crown, full veneer, veneer, or laminate veneer? (For differences, check our latest blog)
  • If implant treatment is involved, what brands are used for implants?
  • Is the clinic registered to or regulated by a recognized authority?
  • Who will be my dentist?
  • What are the dentist’s qualifications?
  • Does the clinic have an in-house lab? Will I get to see the technician?
  • Does the staff at the clinic speak your language? Is a translator provided?
  • What are the risks of complications? How do you deal with that if it happens?
  • When will I come back for the crowns?
  • How is the guarantee and aftercare procedure?
  • How can I see some references or testimonials?
  • Look for consistency! How can I see some references or testimonials? How coherent is the clinic’s message on social media accounts? Are the reviews real? Are before/after photos real? Do you see any consistency? 
  • Do you provide/help me with travel and accommodation, too?

You can read the questions regarding these critical topics and our helpful tips and tricks in  Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Dental Clinic Abroad – Part 1 and Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Dental Clinic Abroad – Part 2.

Which Influencers Get Their Teeth Done In Turkey? 

Social media influencers are very interested in getting a smile makeover. When you search for the tag Turkey teeth, Tiktok will list lots of influencers having experienced cosmetic dentistry in Turkey. For example, TikTok influencers like Katie Price, Jack Fincham, Jack Reid, and Laura Ivanova had their teeth done in Turkey. Their followers are adding tons of comments to their posts, and the trend is electrifying millions of others across the world. You can find many Turkey teeth stories of celebrities on TikTok and other social media platforms.



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