5 Most Adorable Innovations In Dental Technology

Last updated on May 27th, 2024

Dental technology has come a long way in recent years. Today, more people are concerned about their dental health. Especially, cosmetic dentistry impressed millions of people, and they seek better smiles with less pain and anxiety. As a response to this growing demand, significant innovations have been introduced in the field of dental technology. Advances in dental technology have attracted more people to dental clinics. People feel more comfortable now since the treatments are safer, faster, and less painful. 

The Importance Of Dental technology

As in many parts of life, great dental technology innovations provide dental professionals and patients with way more practical, precise, and accurate treatment alternatives. Moreover, the procedure with high dental technology saves a great deal of time, and they are usually painless alternatives.

Advances in dental technology have brought obvious advantages to dentists in terms of precision and time management. They can conduct higher quality treatments at higher accuracy. Also, they don’t need to wait for laboratory or healing periods, which means more time for treatment and new patients. The patients, as well, have benefitted from the advances in dental technology. Most prominently, they have less dental fear now, and they save a lot of time. Compared to the traditional techniques, advanced technology is offering better solutions. However, you should still remember that technology alone cannot solve the problems. Hands-on education and experience in this technology are always required, as stated in the ADA Future of Dentistry Report.

In this post, you will read some of the most remarkable dental technologies. We hope reading through these innovations, your dental fear will go away.

1. Dental Laser

Dental lasers are among the most common dental technology tools that help with various dental treatments with minimal pain, bleeding, bacterial infection, and maximum healing and practicality. Dental lasers are used to reposition the gums, decrease tooth sensitivity, tooth whitening, remove a damaged tooth, and so on. The most remarkable innovation that dental lasers bring to dentistry is precision and accuracy compared to the traditional techniques or tools. 

teeth cleaning and whitening with laser technology

Especially, cosmetic dentistry uses dental lasers since they ensure a non-invasive treatment comfortably and painlessly. Laser teeth cleaning has already become an essential part of dentistry around the world. Additionally, since Hollywood smile is gaining worldwide popularity, cosmetic dentistry is using laser teeth whitening more than before. These kinds of non-invasive techniques especially relieve the patients suffering from dental anxiety. Thus, they can get their dental treatment with no excuse anymore. 

2. CBCT Scan

CBTC (cone beam computed tomography) is a medical imaging technique. Traditionally, two-dimensional radiographs are used to assess the jawbones before restorative or endodontic treatments. Although dentists could still get a significant amount of prevision through two-dimensional radiographs, they still needed to have an oral-facial view, which makes up the third dimension, to gain a complete picture of the area. 

cbct scan (cone beam computed tomoghraphy)

Hence, dentists can reach the best captures possible of the problematic tooth or gum structure. However, whether to use a CBCT scan is a critical thing. Since a CBTC scan is expensive and it gives away more radiation than a regular radiograph, the need for CBTC requires a delicate consideration. To employ CBTC comfortably, the benefits should outweigh the risks.


CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) is a machine used to design and make crowns in a short time. Based on CAD (computer-aided design) and CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) technologies, a CEREC machine eases the manufacturing of dental crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays..etc. 

The procedure involves four steps – scan, design, manufacture, and sinter and finish. The same CEREC machine does all the work assigned in these steps. It is also possible to work on various materials in the machine-like zirconia or glass-ceramic. 

cerec crown (chairside economical 
restoration of esthetic ceramics)

The manufacturing of the productions using the CEREC machine is highly precise and fast. For example, a dentist can produce a CEREC crown in less than 15 mins. It means one single appointment can be enough for a crown treatment, including planning, design, and manufacturing.

4. Intraoral Camera

Intraoral cameras are another widely used dental technology. Although dental professionals can observe the patients’ teeth without a camera in most cases, an intraoral camera makes it possible for the patient to see the problem and understand the procedure planned by the dentist. Also, these gadgets are easily connected to computers, and case documentation becomes possible effortlessly. Intraoral cameras are a bit smaller than a toothbrush, and they are usually wireless devices. Many models have an integrated LED light on the tip so that the dentist can easily see darker parts of the mouth. 

intraoral camera

Since many patients don’t want to get treatment when they don’t understand the need for that treatment and the procedure, intraoral cameras are of great importance. The captures of the camera are projected to a computer or TV screen, and even the tiny bits of the teeth and gums become easily visible, so do the problems. This clear display relieves the patients in most cases.

5. Cavity Detection

Normally, cavities beneath the tooth surface cannot be detected through regular screening techniques. Fortunately, recently, an advanced cavity detection tool (DIAGNOdent) has been introduced to the dental technology world. This pen-like portable device sends laser beams to each tooth and detects any cavity beneath the tooth surface. Thanks to this innovative tool, many costly dental treatments can be prevented. The precision of the detection tool helps the dentist preserve the healthy tooth structure better and execute a non-invasive exploration of the problem. As for the patients, they enjoy painless and comfortable dental care.

before and after of a patient's teeth 
at maltepe dental clinic

What Do We Offer At Maltepe Dental Clinic?

We prioritize your health, comfort, and satisfaction during your dental treatment at Maltepe Dental Clinic. Our professionals do not just rush into the work using what is most convenient for them at that moment, but they instead use state-of-art dental technology to provide you with the best treatment possible. 

Our dental professionals and the technical team always follow the trends in digital dentistry. CAD and CAM technologies are used in our clinic, and they provide our patients with the most accurate tooth measurements anatomically. Also, for bleaching, we use BEYOND technology, which whitens the teeth by 30% better than other teeth whitening systems. We also use Picasso technology to treat gums most effectively. The Picasso technology is used to treat various gum problems ranging from tooth scaling to soft tissue removal.

Finally, bear in mind that technology is only effective when it is in good hands following ethical dentistry. Therefore, no matter what your dental problem is, make sure you are in good hands. At Maltepe Dental Clinic, we answer all your questions about the latest dental technologies and ensure the best treatment for you. 


American Dental Association. Future of Dentistry. Chicago: American Dental Association, Health Policy Resources Center:2001. 

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