Dental Treatment in Turkey With Laughing-Gas-Sedation

Last updated on May 27th, 2024

Going to the dentist is not easy for many people, especially when more than one tooth has to be treated. Are you one of the patients who are afraid of going to the dentist?
The ones who don’t want to receive general anaesthesia, for example, before an implant-treatment, should ask for laughing-gas sedation. In medical practice laughing gas has already been used for over 150 years. Especially in the USA this kind of sedation is known very well, but also dental clinics in Germany and Turkey use laughing-gas during dental treatments.

How is treatment with laughing-gas working?

The patient receives a nose-mask before the dental treatment and takes breath only through the nose. After some minutes, a therapeutical effect begins in the central nervous system. A condition of relaxation is reached and the sense of pain is getting minimized. Moreover, the treatment is felt shorter than it is in reality.

If necessary, the dentist can diversify the doses of the laughing-gas individually during the treatment. As soon as the laughing-gas sedation will be finished after the treatment, the effects will finish also. The patient can leave the dental clinic independently.
Compared to general anesthesia, the breathing of laughing-gas has the advantage that the patient is responsive during the whole treatment phase.

How can I find a dentist who offers Laughing-gas-treatments?

You can ask your dentist if he offers a laughing-gas-sedation for a charge, but unfortunately dental treatments in the UK or the USA are costly.
If you would like to save dental treatment costs then it is recommended to search for a dentist abroad. For instance, laughing-gas sedation is offered for a small charge per session at Maltepe Dental Clinic in Istanbul/Turkey. Additionally, dental treatments are offered to much lower prices than for example in the UK or the USA.
Please ask for more information about laughing-gas sedation and dental treatment prices and contact the Maltepe Dental Clinic now!

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