Last updated on November 20th, 2023

Did you know that dental tourism abroad first started with dental labs? For years dental clinics in England or other European countries preferred to send the restoration samples and impressions to laboratories in countries such as Turkey, China, or Thailand. That was a cost-­effective solution for them, but painfully waiting times came with it. Patients suffered because of the long waiting times. Then like in every market, some dentalpreneurs (entrepreneur dentists) used the advantages in these preferred countries and invested in dental tourism. In this post, we’re going to tell you about the advantages a dental lab provides both for the clinic and patients.


Who Makes My Crowns?

You have started to look for dental clinics to get a perfect smile. You have examined many options both in your country and abroad. Although you have been looking for a good dentist, you probably have also started hearing about some other guys during your research: Dental Technicians/Ceramists. At some clinics, you may see these technicians when you get a pre-treatment consultation. Or you may find them accompanying your dentist during the treatment. So, who are these guys? What is their contribution to the design of your dream smile?

In all professions, there are some ‘invisible heroes’ working around the clock behind the screen. For dentistry, these are dental technicians working in dental labs. Since they work in the ‘kitchen’ of the profession, you don’t see them much. However, their role in the design of your dream smile is huge. They are the creators of incredible results, especially in restorative dentistry. They receive the dentist’s instructions and create appliances such as crowns, veneers, bridges, and dentures at the lab.

Dental clinics use two different methods for dental lab work: Outsourcing this service or having an in­house lab. Since it requires a significant investment to establish an in-­house lab, many dental clinics outsource the lab work to third parties. Even though outsourcing seems the cost­effective method, this method is far away from meeting today’s requirements. Today people want to have high­quality treatment in the shortest time possible.

When dentists outsource a part of the work, they can’t have direct control over the quality of that part. Also, outsourced work extends the treatment duration significantly. Moreover, when you request a revision for this lab work, your treatment time gets much longer. On the other hand, having an in­-house dental lab provides numerous advantages both to the dental clinic and the patients.

Higher Quality Dental Work

Hi-Tech In-House-Dental-Lab

The in-­house dental lab allows the dentist to create customized work for each patient. In this system, technicians do not work based on the impressions sent by the dentist. Instead, they interact directly with the dentist and the patient. They can discuss the shape, size, and color of the restoration face to face. So, they understand the dentist’s instructions and the patient’s wants and needs precisely. Thus, all factors are considered together, and much healthier choices can be made.

This system also allows the technicians to examine the patient’s facial/oral features, skin color, and other teeth. This examination plays a significant role in creating restorations that will best fit. And in the end, the patient receives a totally customized treatment and smile design.

More Predictable Results

It is not easy to communicate the desired design adequately in a written form. Even if you utilize photographs, wants, and needs can’t be fully understood. Thanks to the in­-house lab, technicians have the opportunity to communicate personally with the patient. They can explain what is possible and how the end design will be. Patients engage in the decision-making process more and have more information about the likely result. Thus, the risk of having a negative surprise is reduced. So, this system helps match the expectations of the patient and creates more predictable results.

dentist smile design on computer

Shorter Treatment Time

In­-house dental lab reduces the time required for a dental treatment drastically. Because, when a dentist outsources the lab work, initial work often can be completed in 1­2 weeks, depending on the case. You have to wait for the lab to finish your work and send it back to the dental clinic. Moreover, the dentist has to send it to the lab again for each adjustment.

On the other hand, if the dentist has an in-­house lab, even the most difficult cases can be completed in a couple of days. When the patient wants a change in the design, or the restoration doesn’t fit well, the required adjustments can be completed much faster right in the office. When there is a case of an emergency, restorations can be achieved even within two days. So, the in­-house dental lab saves significant time for patients, which is a big benefit.

Lower Treatment Fees

Due to the lower labor costs, outsourcing dental lab work to Turkey has been a widely used method. For many countries, it was the most cost­-effective approach. Dental labs in Turkey have been preferred due to their high­-quality work as well. So, Maltepe Dental Clinic and some other clinics in Turkey have established their in­-house labs to turn this cost-effectiveness into an advantage both for them and their patients. This enables us to keep the treatment fees at lower levels.

Maltepe Dental Clinic In­-House Lab

Maltepe Dental Clinic has been serving its patients with the motto of ‘Quality, Speed, and Trust’ for about 20 years. Our in­-house lab plays a significant role in realizing this strategy. A great team of technicians creates artistic appliances by using state-­of­-the­art technology in our lab. Thanks to the close cooperation of our experienced dentists and skilled technicians, you get the smile of your dreams in a short time.

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